Mobo died- Need to retreive data from HD's in RAID0

Had a gigabyte GA-K8NS PRO with NVidia NForce3 250 & GigaRAID controller. Set-up 2 80GB Barracuda HD's in RAID0 (I know it was a bad idea). Now Mobo is dead. I have ordered a new ASUS (wishing I had never strayed in the first place) K8S-MX with SIS 965L South Bridge RAID controller. Now I need to retreive data from HD's. I realise that I cannot simply replace mobo's and be back up and running, but if I buy a new 200GB HD, install it with new mobo and clean install of XP, is their anyway of retreiving the data on old HD's??

Any ideas or comments would be appreciated.
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  1. Nope. Your only hope would have been to replace the board with an exact-same version, then try to rebuild the array on the new board.
  2. Unfortunately Crashman is 99.999% right :-(

    It may be possible to recover your data using very special software and or hardware.

    I can try to recover it for you if you can get your drives to me, or you can use a professional data recovery company.

    If I cannot recover your data you pay nothing (except actual shipping costs).

    If I am able to recover it you can pay me $25 - $50.

    Even a professional data recovery company may not be able to recover the data if the drives have been written to by the new controller or if the array has been otherwise disturbed.

    RAID 0 is a HUGE pain when it breaks :-(
  3. Thanks so much for the input.

    I think I may have located someone who has the same gigabyte board in stock. I never did update my bios or any of the motherboard drivers so hopefully they all shipped with same versions and I should be OK.
  4. As long as the RAID chip is the same version, you should be able to rebuild the array. Were you using the NVRAID controller or a 3rd party one like Silicon Image?

    I would definitely recommend (along with everyone else) that you try and get the same exact Gigabyte motherboard.

  5. With an identical board that has the same hardware RAID controller you may be able to read your data.

    Make sure you do not do anything that will cause the RAID controller to wipe the drives clean and create a new array.

    You might want to use a Linux rescue CD the first time and mount your ntfs partition read only so you do not cause any damage by mounting it read-write under windows.

    If you have the disk space you can use Linux to capture images of your hard drives before you try to re-create the array which could blast the data if something goes wrong.

    Good luck!
  6. It's possible for the same controller chip on a different device to rebuild the array sometimes, but there aren't any guarantees that way.
  7. My 2 pence worth:

    Is your data on the drive valuable (probably a silly question..)?

    1. Buy a new HDD 160gb+

    2. Use Ghost or similar to take backups of the two drives ... you'll need to use the forensic setting to take sector by sector copies. You can do this on any PC .. if you do it on the new gigabyte board, then don't enable raid, leave the drives as simple separate ones.

    3. Get the gigabyte motherboard and plug in the drives .. i'm thinking one of a few things will happen:
    1. if you're in luck it will read from the drives and recognise the array (unlikely imho)
    2. when you select to set up a raid 0 array it will then recognise the existing data (possible)
    3. you'll create the array and it will over-write the data leaving you with a big blank raid0 array

    This is where is gets a bit more tricky ..

    i'm assuming that the raid controller will remember the settings independent of the drives so if you now restore the two drives with the old backed-up data, it should work.

    To do this, you'll need to either use a friend's PC (as your raid controller now sees the two drives as one) or you'll need to disable the RAID controller and let the BIOS manage the drives (on my asus this option is 'enable SATA RAID boot ROM')

    If you are trying to rebuild the drives on your own PC, then don't install the windows/linux raid driver on whatever drive you use for rescue (or it will see them as an array).

    Now restore the ghost backups onto the drives, reboot and re-enable the raid ROM.

    Reboot into windows/linux. Install the raid driver.

    Fingers crossed you'll have your data ...

  8. Great suggestions!

    Especially the Ghost one :D

    I suggested doing the same thing under Linux above.

    You would simply do something like this:

    dd if=/dev/sda of=/new_hard_drive/backup_of_sda
    dd if=/dev/sdb of=/new_hard_drive/backup_of_sdb

    You should really try to "image" using dd, Ghost or any other good imaging tool before you try to plug them into the RAID controller and try to read the data because the RAID controller may screw them up worse than they are now.

    In theory with very special software you can read the data from those raw disk images and recreate the data then dump it to another new drive.

    Good Luck!
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