Ecs GeForce7050M-M ready for 7 or not !

hey every body

i neeed halp so much i going to buy windows 7 and i want if the driver going update in my pc or no so just i was ask if this MotherBord working with windows 7 ?! and if it !
where i can find there's driver updates !
alos i ask are this printer work in windows 7 " xerox phaser 3117 "

i hope u guy's can help me :sarcastic:
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  1. Best answer
    The motherboard, integrated graphics card and printer are all Windows 7 ready.
  2. If you cant find Windows 7 drivers you can use Vista ones without any problems. Since Windows 7 is designed to work on even low powered netbooks your PC should be fine.

    You will probably find that Windows will have a driver to make your printer work as soon as you plug it in..
  3. I checked the printer itself. They have Win 7 drivers for that printer already.
  4. thanks so much guy's you real helped me ... i now going buy 7

    i ues vista it's so sux realy i don't like it and i dont think 7 not designed for low powered only it's more than faster and u will Feeling free with u work in it

    are the printer will update with 7 or i going to download update from
    vonder website or how i will git the update

    and agine thank you guys you realy helped me
  5. thanks agien "TheViper" u r the best ;)
  6. No problem, nedvedkmuk.
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