Hackbook Help? (OSX86)

I Have A Amd Lenovo G575 Laptop, And Was Wondering The Best Way To Put Mac Osx On It (Or If It Is Even Possible).

I Failed Misserebly (kernal panic) With the SNOWLEO MAC Snow Leopard OSX86_64 For INTEL/AMD Of Pirate Bay (Don't Kill me, I Have a Legit copy of 10.6)

any help would be much appreciated


Amd c-50 1.3ghz dual core
6gb ddr3 ram
320 gb hdd
amd radon hd 6310
Windows 7 Pro

Legit Disk's Of osx From 10.4-10.7


Thanks In Advance! :)
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  1. Make sure you have a dig around on tonymacx86, hopefully some decent information about on there.
  2. I dont think its possible, your best option would be to get a real Mac
  3. i tried to search for your video but it is not listed at insanelymac site, video must be compatible for you to use it properly with the software apps you are going to install and use later otherwise it will be a waste of your time installing the os alone, unless you just want to have a hands-on experience with osx system and built in apps.
  4. Might be tough as hell since you not only have an AMD, but a new fusion one at that

    I once got it workong on my old desktop (Phenom II X4) and that was a giant pain in the ass. The best way to have OSX not on a mac is to make the hardware as close as possible to a real mac.
  5. Oh I don't know, there is a bit of fun to be had getting this sort of thing running. I was quite pleased at having pre leopard running running (think it was something like 10.4) on my old socket 939 (Uli chipset of all things, took a bit of digging to get dma working).
  6. 1st try deticated forum for such things such as tonymacx86.

    2nd you need a intel to make it really easy.

    I have built lots of hacks follwing suggestions from tonymacx86. I'm running it on my desktop currently.
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