HELP with this driver thingy please :(

Hi all , i am really tired of not being able to use my pc because of blue screen of death when i go to device manager i see this also my pc has been really buggy lately when i click new tab it just freezes... please
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  1. Do you remember what kind of messages you are getting when it BSOD's?
  2. Don't open Device Mangler.

    Boot in Safe Mode. Uninstall all drivers related to the device in question. run registry editor (i.e ccleaner) to remove anything related to that device(s).

    Shut down PC. Remove and reinsert related hardware.

    Boot and when Windoze wants gets all excited about finding new hardware, take Nancy Regan's advice and "just say no".

    Visit hardware manufacturer's web site and download latest drivers. Install drivers according to instructions and reboot.
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