Which LCD monitor you think is better?

I am thinking between these because of the good price:

Samsung 740B


Benq FP71G X


Ag Neovo F419


The last one claims it has 16,7 mil colors, and 12ms which would be very good

I am interested in speed and also quality for Photoshop and others 3d applications.
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  1. I've not personally used those monitors, but you can occasionally find a 19" Dell on sale for as little as $260-$280...

    I'm using one now, an E196FP (1280x1024 native res), and although it merely has an anolog input, it's quite bright, very clear, and for $265, a bargain!
  2. I forgot to mention that AG Neovo F419 (19") is at the same price as Samsung 740B (17"), Benq being the cheapest, but it's not about the money but the quality of these monitors I am interested in.
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