Need suggestions on a case.

I'm looking to build a new comptuer soon and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a case. I checked out newegg but couldn't find anything I liked really. I'm basically looking for something easy to carry if I want to LAN at a friends and can hold 2-3 HDD a DvD burner a newer processor like 4800+ X2 or FX 60 and one of the newer video cards like a 7800. I guess it would have to have a decent PSU. I don't really need SLI cause there's not much performance gain for the money. Maybe something like a shuttle or ATX Mini tower. I was thinking maybe an Antec lanboy but I heard they're pretty flimsy but i'm unsure as to how flimsy (ie is someone sitting on it?). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If you want a good quality case look at the lian-li line-up not cheap but probably the best quality case on the market. I have a moded Lian-Li PC-60 and wont buy anything but lian-li any more.
  2. The Lian-li's are a little bigger than I wanted to go. If they made one that was like a microatx maybe.

    Right now I'm looking at an Aspire case. X-QPACK

    or maybe an antec aria

    Or Super LANBOY, but it's almost too big
  3. What exactly do you mean by compromising my performance? Right now I'm looking at this

    mobo BIOSTAR

    case Aspire

    36.7g raptor(already own) for windows and apps, and 74 gig raptor for games (buying).

    evga GeForce 7800GTX (490 Core 1300 mem)

    2gig 2-3-2-5 OCZ dual channel memory(already own)

    AMD X2 4800+

    I thought it looks like a pretty good setup. Are MicroATX mobos not built as good or something? I don't see where I would take a performance hit. Excuse me if I'm ignorant =)
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