[Resolved- Thanks!] Which DDR speed for 533mhz FSB?

I figured out that DDR400/PC3200 is the fastest memory available for an 800mhz FSB, but I'm not sure what the fastest memory is for a 533mhz FSB. Would it be DDR333/PC2700? I know that I could buy the DDR400 for the same system and it would step down, but if I can save the money and get cheaper DDR since the system won't run at DDR400 speeds, I'd like to.
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  1. pc2700 is correct... You can find pc3200 cheaper then pc2700 so just get that...
  2. Agreed, just grab some low latency DDR400 stuff. It won't run at DDR400 (obviously), but it'll downclock itself to DDR333 speeds.

  3. I just realized that it's cheaper to get the faster stuff. Thanks!
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