Loud noise Coming from fan of my xfx 6600

OK i just recently installed 2 xfx 6600 256mb video cards in my asus a8n-sli mobo and there were perfect yesturday then all of a sudden 1 of them has this loud noise coming from the fan like its rubing on something. i took out the card and checked the fan but there is nothing touching it. also the gfx card fan seems to be running alot fast then the other 1 thats working fine. temp is also running 4degrees higher on the loud one compared to the card thats working fine. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Is this a new card? If it is, I would RMA it and get a new one for what it sounds like a defective fan. You can also replace the fan. Zalman makes one and newegg sells it. Just make sure it fits your card. Really not a whole lot you can do for a noisy fan other than make sure something on the card didn't shift up against it.
  2. yea its brand new.
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