A8N SLI Deluxe - power, CPU fan spped, and SLI Bridge issues

Well to start I got my board from a comp parts retailer and it was a return from the manufacturer (got a good deal for it @ $90). It didn't have anything with it. No drivers, no cables, and most importantly no SLI bridge.... I know this will be a problem later when I get another card and actually try to utilize SLI. I suppose I'll need to request the SLI bridge from the manufacturer? I heard that my be a pain in the ass...

On post I got warnings about the CPU fan speed being too low. Checked BIOS and everything looked good; I think the speed was at 3000 RPMs or something. I ended up just disabeling the warning.

I'm running a 550W PSU. I'm only using one 6800GS. I keep getting alerted (in widndows) that there is not enough power to the video. Generally when this happens all video settings get automattically adjusted down to componsate. This doesn't happen after the warning, I still have it on normal, default settings and everything seems to be running fine. I didn't hook up the power connector next to the PCIe as I understood (and noticed in the forumz) that this is only used when SLI is on. Though faced with the power issue, I connected it as well. Still faced with the same message. Anybody able to help?
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  1. Are you sure your 6800GS doesn't have an extra power connector on it? Cause I'm looking at the eVGA version of that card and it has the 6 pin connector on the end. See here:


    Make sure that 6 pin connector is connected. If your PSU doesn't have one, the card should have come with an adapter for one.

    Also, if you need to get an SLI bridge connector- I have an extra. I'll send it to ya for free, just cover my shipping costs (about 5 bucks). I take paypal!

  2. Well...I went to MSI (and I've been to their website already but hadn't noticed) and lo and behold it destinctly says "The supplied power cable must be attached to ensure the card works porperly" (http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/vga/vga/pro_vga_detail.php?UID=705).....err....I guess I'm used to seeing a molex connector on the board and this supposed :roll: power connector must be that little thing in the upper right hand corner of the board in the picture....alright...i'm a dumbass...

    You are the man though! :D if you can hook me up with that bridge I would be very greatful. email:waugustynski@comcast.net. Some pimple faced kid at Fry's told me that manufacturers are very weary of sending them out and that I would need to go through hell in trying to prove that I actually bought the damned thing, exspecially if I got it as a manufacturers return....

    I guess the fan problem is an issue that was iterated in this forum several times...I'll have to keep an eye out...

    Thanks again, man.
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