Is the CPU problem?

Anyone can help me out please!!!!
I have the Gateway 4012gz, sometime the system up run no problem, but sometime it got black sceen, the power button is on but no startup screen i mean the bios, i checked the LCD with other monitor which LCD is ok, i checked with the RAM, harddrive they all ok. If the system can run for 4 hours sometime, is any chance the CPU will has problem? Someone told me is the CPU overheated, but how come the system can run sometime? Please help????
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  1. I'd first try another known good ATX power supply slaved in...power supplies do occasionally die, and perhaps the voltages on your existing one are maginal to start off with, resulting in intermittent operation...
  2. If it's a Gateway PC then don't you have tech support for this kind of thing? Won't you invalidate your warranty by doing the work yourself?
  3. Intermitant start is usually a power issue.
    Things to check include the power supply, but also include the power cord (make sure bothe ends are plugged in and carry voltage) the power supply to mobo connector (look for a loose connection, or black marks on the pins), or a broken case switch. (take the wire off the mobo, and use a continuity or ohm tester to make sure the case switch works well. If you dont have access to a tester, use a jumper across the pins, to see if the system starts without problem, a bunch of times).
    If those things give no joy, it could be something else loose, like gfx card, nic card, or ram.
  4. My warranty just over one year... :( :( I did send in an e-mail to them, but they sugguest me send it to the shop to fix it.
  5. Quote:
    My warranty just over one year... :( :( I did send in an e-mail to them, but they sugguest me send it to the shop to fix it.
    Well if it's still covered under warranty, then that's not a bad suggestion. They'll repair it with parts equally crappy to the ones they built it with that caused the problem in the first place, but it might buy you six months to a year of trouble-free computing. I only reccomend doing things yourself once the warranty period is over. But it's your computer and your choice. :) I'm only making suggestions. Chances are it's really just the power supply. In fact, it might even be as simple as dust.
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