Tips 4 a better 3DMark06 score

first i tryed it out and only got ...........2159 :(
sm2.0 961
sm3.0 892
cpu score 624

with a p4 3.06
gt 6800 256 card
1 gig memory
audigy 2 plat ex sound
2 x wd raptor 74gig hd x 2 =0 raid

im going to fine tune a few other things over night and see if i can better it

3DMark 06 Build v1.0.2 download it here 4 a fast download

mostly for nvidia owners i found you can do better if you
right click on screen
click on properties
go to settings
advanced icon
then gforce icon
performance and quality settings
then put antialiasing settings to off also anisotropic filtering
and image settings to high performance

also get rid of back ground apps, anti virus, internet,
screen saver and wall papers etc

just make sure you turn them back on when finished with 3dmark06

The first part off 3dmark06 was from 3dmark 05 ...the soldier shooting
the second part fire fly forrest from 3dmark 04 i think
the 3rd part was looking at a building blowing up in a desert-mountain area ...hard to tell here it was so slow .....0 fps
the 4th part repeated
the 5th part was a remake of the sea monster and balloon sceen from 3dmark05 but much better and faster
the 6th part was in the snow with some buildings and a snow machine then a storm or night came over

hope it helps
ill update this later :D
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  1. Because we find it interesting.
  2. YO prozac26

    I do it to see how my pc is performming with other pcs with the same specs
    and to see if my upgrades are good or not etc 8)
    and its fun....4 some
  3. Quote:
    why do people care about scores anyway?
    AMD Athlon 1GHz CPU
    384 MB PC100 RAM
    ATI Radeon 9550se 256mb agp
    Generic DVD-ROM
    LG CD-RW
    Generic 40gb HDD IDE
    Windows ME
    HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!?!?!?!?!
    3DMark01SE - 5972
    3DMark03 - 1975

    They care enough to put the scores into there sigs... :roll:
  4. YO TunaSoda

    HEHE yea i saw that :lol:
  5. It may be good for a few points, but I find scores at the actual quality settings you game at to be more useful than going in to display settings and picking looks like mud (performance) settings.

    Now if only there were a DL mirror that could give me better speed. Oh well, it's 23% through. :x

    Buy a faster computer and/or videocard
  7. If you're that kind of person, you should avoid looking at other people's scores then...
  8. or other guys women!!! :mrgreen:
  9. "then put antialiasing settings to off also anisotropic filtering
    and image settings to high performance "

    If you override the preferred application settings (who compares cards today without enabling 4xAF?), then the score is merely that cards ability to run a little faster *without aa*, which is a given...
  10. Anyone else got any 3DMark06 scores ???

    and what did you think about 3dmark06 !
  11. YO wusy

    Im a kiwi to, born in woodville :o
    but i dont live there any more
    family still live in Auckland

    kiora mate
  12. Quote:
    Tips 4 a better 3DMark06 score

    use 05 and photoshop :D

    havnt been able to get a decent download on it, all about 50Kbs and i can normally get about 200Kbs.
  13. YO Flakes

    Here try going here to download i find I normally get around 175-200kbs
  14. Quote:
    YO Flakes

    Here try going here to download i find I normally get around 175-200kbs

    whoo! 253Kbs... cheers!
  15. 4415 3Dmarks-06
    Got down to 0 fps too.
  16. With your new beast rig?!?
    Wow this test really tortures your video card, might aswell run it on my geforce 4 mx 440 and see fps under 0
  17. I question the utility of a benchmark which consistently shows a GTX256 consistently and soundly defeating a 1800XT/512 in all portions of the benchmark...

    What good is a benchmark if games' delivered performance does not follow suit?
  18. Here are my specs:

    AMD64 3500+ @ 2.7 Ghz w/ Big Typhoon Heatsink
    eVGA GeForce 7800 GT CO (SLI) 475/1200
    eVGA GeForce 7800 GT CO (SLI) 475/1200
    DFI SLI Motherboard
    2GB 2x1 GB OCZ EB Platinum
    X-Fi Fatality
    Logitech G7 Mouse
    Saitek Eclipse Keyboard
    Antec 1 P-180 Case
    Sennheiser HD-650 Headphones

    3dmark05 score: 12037
    3dmark06 score: 5980
  19. I know something is wrong with this benchmark if I beat RichPLS

    3Dmark06 4682

    Intel 820D
    2gigs Geil DDR2
    MSI 7800gtx (450/1323)
  20. for some reason i keep crashing at the end of the airship test..any help?
  21. YO RichPLS

    Nice, what do you have?
  22. yo gersson

    what hard drive do you use?
    and hows the x fi sound card work
    do you think its much better than a audigy 2 ex plat
  23. YO illicitsc

    Did you upgrade yr Dix 9.0c to december ver ?
    or try turning off most of yr back ground apps.
  24. most likely overheating CPU or Graphics card... OCed?
  25. I used a 7200 RPM HDD on that test but I have a 74GB Raptor coming in the Mail.

    This is kinda dumb but: I bought an X-Fi Fatality cos the xtreme music version gave me a hardware conflict...I was DETERMINED to have great components and so after discovering that the nForce 4 and X-Fi compat issues weren't present in the Fatality, I went ahead and bought that.

    Is it worth it? I think that there are other hardware pieces that will yield better results than a sound card. I think I added 3-4 FPS more from the X-Fi...

    A fast HDD will make windows boot faster or another card in SLI helps a lot.

    Hope that helped.
  26. Asus A8R-MVP
    Opteron 175
    HiS X1800XT 512mb 700mhz/1500mhz stock, 800/1600 stable
    2gig Corsair xpert DDR 2-2-2-5 @2.8volts
    2x74gig Raptor RAID0 boot
    2x250gig WD SATA2 storage
  27. Hers a few more performance tips
    Windows XP uses processor time to handle system performance according to default settings, which can be adjusted for your computing needs.

    Also, settings that govern visual effects enhance the appearance of the Windows XP interface, but can slow down performance.

    You can fine tune settings in Windows XP Professional to improve performance:

    1. Right click My Computer, and then click Properties.

    2. Click the Advanced tab, and in the Performance area, click Settings.

    3. On the Visual Effects tab, click the Custom button, and then select which UI features to disable to improve performance.

    4. Click the Advanced tab, and in the Processor scheduling area, click the Background services radio button. Selecting this option means that background tasks that you want to run while you work, such as backup utilities or print jobs, will share processor time equally with programs.

    hope it helps :)
  28. I have noticed ATI X800/X850 family gets owned by the 6800 family even a vanilla can beat a X800XT ROFL.

    check orb out project search and compare.

    i think ATI gets owned because they dont have SM3.0 cards enabled on those cards.
  29. Quote:
    for some reason i keep crashing at the end of the airship test..any help?

    maybe a terrorist crashed it LOL
  30. lol apache maybe a terrorist shot u down..anyways i managed to get it to work at 2.8v in vdimm
  31. 3d Mark is a SYNTHETIC benchamark.
    In no way is it related to game performance.
    So u you got 7000 marks... big deal.
    Thats like a slut telling you that she wants you.

    Get something that compares dx9 game performance like AquaMark or better yet, just run FEAR... and see your fps.

    How many synthetic games do you run on your computer? :roll:
    You shouldnt care that a crappy synthetic program gives you a low score.

    The 3d mark scoring system is becoming an addiction for a lot of people.
    Kina like their ego... (or other appendage) that is attached to their score.

    Now i do understand people trying to get better performance in their game,
    but at least run a program that tests GAME performance.

    Someone should combine a couple engines, like Unreal for example.
    Then make a test out of that using upcoming game demos.
    At least then you could show of your score and it would mean something.

    For example: Your computer can or cannot run this game in playable fps.
    3d mark is the most useless piece of crap. :evil:
  32. lol its TheMASTER-reTARD

    3dmark is just to show how powerful your rig is. dont take it so seriously. its just for comparison. theres nothign wrong with an ego. just dont let it get too big. it also givs u an idea of how next next next gen games will run lmfao...ahahhahah
    o ya did i mention that themaster was a retard?
  33. YO TheMaster
    First take two chill pills and see me in the morning..reallly !

    i never got 7000 it was 2150ish its not a big deal at what anyone gets, its just for our own personal benefit, each have there own reasons why we use 3dmark

    o and i do have AquaMark and fear but why should i stop there i use many different pc testers this is just 1

    unlike you i dont know any sluts im married :)

    i dont care about synthetic programs but since thousands do its got me interested

    if people are getting addicted to pc stuff dont you think its a lot better than drugs or alcohol

    i hear what your saying about game performance but it gives me an idea of how my pc is working with others with the same specs. After runing 3dmark 04 ive improved my pc performance by about 10% from asking questions on this board etc which means my games run faster as well now 8)

    Showing your score does mean something to someone no matter what score it is eg do u like scoccer? i dont, if france got 100 goals in one game,it would mean nothing to me
    If you dont like 3dmark then why bother being here or posting at all???????? i dont go to scoccer boards and post stupid comments :tongue:
    3DMark06 also focuses on not just the GPU but the CPU using the AGEIA PhysX software physics library to effectively test single and Dual Core processors.

    read the full explaination on 3d mark 06 its not just games testing
    Welcome to 3DMark®06
    Congratulations on installing 3DMark06, the worldwide standard in advanced 3D graphics performance benchmarking from Futuremark Corporation. 3DMark06 is a fundamental tool for every PC user interested in 3D graphics and performance. 3DMark06 will measure your PC's 3D performance in next generation games, reliably compare the latest high-end gaming hardware, and show you amazing real-time 3D graphics. By using 3DMark06 and the Online ResultBrowser web service, you will get:

    The 3DMark score - a globally recognized and comparable measurement of the 3D performance of your PC.
    SM2.0 Score - a new comparable measurement of the 3D ShaderModel 2.0 performance of your PC.
    HDR/SM3.0 Score - a new comparable measurement of the 3D ShaderModel 3.0 & HDR performance of your PC.
    CPU Score - a comparable measurement of the CPU performance of your PC.
    A comparison of your machine and the fastest PCs on the planet.
    An educated estimate as to how much better your system will perform with certain upgrades.
    A view into the next generation of real-time 3D graphics.

    etc etc etc
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