Can I change IRQ in WinME?

So the story goes, I swapped in a new mobo and processor last week and have been plagued with problems ever since. Ive restored ME 3 times due to massive failures. The first time, it nuked when I installed AOL 6.0. The second time, it just refused to boot to windows the second day, giving me Msgsrv32 conflicts with DEVCON. After doing 3 unsuccesful system restores, I played around in safe mode for 3 hours and finally looked into the virtual memory, which I tweaked. It lost my settings and when I reset them it finally booted to windows. However, after having to reinstall some peripherals, they wouldnt install. So to hell with it I nuked it again.
That brings us to the current install. Pretty good Id have to say ecept for the occasional lockout dur to that f*cking Msgsrv32. If I ctrlaltdlt and see that its not responding I can end task it and everything works well. However, my MS GameVoice is screwed up. The person on the other end canhear me but I cant hear them. Ive reviewed and reinstalled the software and went through my soundblaster settings but to no avail. When I have it running with UT I get random bootouts. At the time my SB Live was alone on the IRQ, and I was getting the infamous pops when I was opening stuff and transfering files. So after some research I found this page and went with its suggestions. I installed VIA 4in1 4.32v then swapped cards to different slots.
PCI2 Fast Ethernet
PCI3 Creative DXR3 board
PCI4 Empty
PCI5 SB Live Platinum 5.1

Now it tries to hog everything on IRQ10. I worked ith it and rebooted and tried BIOS settings and finally (after disabling ACPI which caused a no boot situation so I renenabled it) got a few thigns elsewhere. But I have 3 open IRQs (3,4 and 7) and still ahve crowding on IRQ10. Heres my IRQ layout for the stuff I have installed
IRQ10 SBLive
WinTV Audio AND Video
IRQ12 Promise Fastrak100 RAID (onboard), Network card.

Seeing as how I have 3 free IRQs, Id like to shuffle some things over to them but Windows wont let me. Is there any way I can do this so maybe I can get this MFing MB to work properly? My entire system follows. Thanks for your help

Athlon 1.4/266 with OCZ Gladiator2, copper shim and good paste
384 MB Corsair PC2100 Cas2.5 DDR SDRAM (1x256, 1x128)
2 WD HDD 30g ATA100 7200RPM in RAID0 config
Visiontek Geforce 3 64MB(AGP)
Hauppage WinTV (PCI1)
Linksys Fast ethernet 10/100 (PCI2)
Creativelabs DXR3 Decoder (PCI3)
PCI4 Empty
SB Live Platinum 5.1 with live drive (PCI5)
SParkle 300 watt PS (soon to be an ANTEC 300 once my SX1030SOHO arrives)
Sony 3 1/2 floppy
Creative 12xDVD and 8x4x32 cdrw.

My BIOS settings are ACPI:Enabled, PNP OS:Enabled (tried both settings)
I am growing desparate, I NEED a stable system and cant beleive that the MSI board is THAT damn bad. Its bios however doenst allow for setting IRQs to PCIs so Im lost. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!

Its big, purple and women love it!(ATX case w/3 coats of purple Krylon and the AMD logo)
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  1. normally it is advisable to reformat before changing mobo, otherwise a lot of problems can occur- not dissimilar from the ones you are getting, I'd suggest wiping and starting oveer

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  2. Everything is freshly installed and formatted as I mentioned in my post. I reinstalled 3 times as I recall saying. Both drives were compleley wiped, partitioned, formatted and scandisk'd because I stepped up to a RAID configuration. Thanks for the reply.

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