XFX 7800 GTX - Brand name question

I was wondering about these XFX cards, how is it for a brand ? I mean is it comparable to a eVGA, BGF or a MSI card ? If I go for a 7800 GTX which brand should I go for ?

I'm asking this because I've seen few people buying shitty brands and the card was highly overheated. There wasn't much of a perfomance issue but the extra degrees surely reduced its lifetime.

It would be great if anyone can give me some advice.

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  1. Hi Mark.

    I purcased a XFX 7800GTX xxx (Factory Overclocked) card over December 2005.

    Just a quick note: my card generally runs at about 32C or 37C if I
    remember correctly, I reckon it's a good temperature considering
    that the rest of my machine runs around 30-35C average.
    The other Big Bonus is that the fan on the card doesn't spin at a
    million revolutions per second. It spins considerably slower than
    most graphics cards fans that I've seen. This also means that the
    noise is kept to a minimum.

    I was expecting this whopper of a card and I guess it is a beast.
    But I must admit that I've been dissapointed with some games.
    Especially Need for Speed Most Wanted. Sometimes the frames
    hook a little which I reckon is unacceptable for a card being sold
    for £540! I'm not saying it's a bad card because trust me it whips
    ass on some other games and handles various graphics like DVD's
    etc nicely enough.

    I reckon my HDD is slowing things down a bit, it's a Seagate Barracuda SATA drive but I have a nasty feeling it's the reason why things are running a bit slow. As for 3DMark 2005 scores, this card does very nicely.
    I've clocked in at 19000 odd I think so it's not slow by any means.

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