Problem with LG DVD drive not reading disks

Hello sorry bad engrish,

Me have problem with DVD burner LG GSA 4617B. It will read data off of a disk when the comptuer is just booted up but after i change disk then it wont read data (from different or same disk). I have tried many different disks and always having the same problem. If anybody can help I would be very very grateful to you. I have tried changing jumpers (they fine), using other IDE slot (still same problem), uninstalling drive and reinstalling, changing power lead, taken off NERO, INCD etc... When disk is put in drive it is recognized as blank even though it is not blank, it is full of data. please help, im a rits end.
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  1. Short of trying another IDE cable, it may just be a bad happens. (Tried different kinds of DVD media?)
  2. As mdd1963 said it might be a bad IDE cable.

    Try replacing the 40pin IDE flat ribbon cable.

    Also take the drive with a new or known working IDE cable and plug into another computer and see if it works there, if it does you will know it's not the DVD drive itself. If you have the same problem or another computer then you will know with virtual certainty that it IS in fact a broken DVD drive.

    Good luck :-)
  3. I was having the identical problem with another brand DVD writer. It was not the cable or drive. Additionally, XP would not shut down without automatically restarting. It was caused by Roxio Easy CD Creator. By uninstalling this application the problem was solved.
    Read the Microsoft document on this issue.
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