CD drive works but only in safe mode

Hi, I just built a computer and installed windows xp home, sp 2, I have a SATA hard drive and an ide cdrw/dvd, windows installed fine from the cd drive but now that it's up and running it will no longer read cd's. When I insert cd's the icon just says "CD Drive". If I boot into safe mode it will read anything I throw at it. Any suggestions? I'm thinking that this has something to do with the SATA/IDE combo. Please any help would be great!
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  1. Yeah, I installed all the drivers that came with it, but I could only do it in safe mode.
  2. This is just an update. I tried the above suggestion but no change. I ended up changing the ide cable and that worked. I have no idea why it was still working in safe mode if the cable was bad but it is working now.
  3. Hi, i have the same problem, but i have a NR-7900A Nec and a 3500 Nec one, which is a dvd writer, the dvd writer works fine, but not the NR-7900A, which is weird. i don't know if its the cable or not, i still haven't figured out what is wrong.
  4. You have game with Starforce copy protection installed??

    Google starforce, I wont do all the work.
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