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Hello all, i got 2x 74gb raptors in raid 0, with a stripe size of 128kb. But the problem i got is partition magic will only let me change the cluster size on NTFS upto 32kb, if i choose 64kb it wont boot. So i converted to FAT32, and partition magic, and pargon partition manager only lets me change cluster size upto 32kb. Anyone know how i can change it to 128kb.
also my raid controller is a onboard Silcon S1114 or something like that, and my mobo is ASUS A8N SLI-Deluxe.
Thanks for your Time!!
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  1. Why are your trying to change the cluster size to 128k?

    A cluster size of 128k is quite large and will cause significant internal fragmentation.

    I believe the maximum cluster size for FAT32 is 64k. I have not been able to confirm what the maximum cluster size is for NTFS however the default is 4k.

    Some software will not operate correctly with strange or non-standard cluster sizes.

    FAT32 lacks journaling and a large number of features compared to NTFS. Using FAT32 is not recommended. There are also quite a few limitations in the FAT32 implementation which limit your theoretical maximum file size to 4GB. Some programs only support files up to 2GB.

    You can read more about filesystems here:

    IIRC NTFS automatically determines the cluster size to be used based on the volume size therefore changing the cluster size may have several unintended consequences.
  2. im trying to change the cluster size so i will get better performance with games, music, and video files. I read that people can change there cluster size to like 512kb, or even like 1024kb. You will also get more performace, when you are reading or writing larger files, such as video files. Read the Raid FAQ, if you would like to understand more :)
  3. also anyone know if nvidia raid is better then the silcon Sil114 raid controller?
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