Help. don't know why can't format to NTFS with RAW.

Actually i don't even know what RAW is. I bought a new external HD and from winXP professional tried formating to NTFS format. it starts than at the end gives me an error saying that format not complete. When i tried formating from MS-DOS i get the error message saying that i can't format to NTFS with a system RAW. What do i do? Thanks for any help! -Lost in Cyberspace
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  1. Right click on "My Computer" -> Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management

    See if your external drive is listed.

    If it is you can partition it right there and then format it as NTFS.

    IIRC DOS cannot format an hdd as NTFS.
  2. Gonna try enthusiast. Thanks. i'll post again after trying it out.
  3. my drive is recognized and has a drive letter assigned and is operable. What i don't find for this drive is the option to particion. I can format, eliminate, change drive letter, etc... The disk manager displays it as operable with a FAT32 format. should i format and after it gives me the format error try and particion?
  4. Try converting the drive to NTFS

    Convert to NTFS

    If that fails run a full error check on the disk

    Check Disk
  5. You should be able to right click on the FAT32 partition and delete it. Then you can create a new NTFS partition.

    I assume the drive is empty, if it isn't make sure you backup any important data before you destroy the FAT32 partition.

    Also be very careful not to touch your boot drive.

    Good luck!
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