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I currently have a 9600 pro (power color) . Since the make isnt that good and my mobo isnt that great either , i am forced to run the card at a 4x speed. I dont see any major performance drop as such. Till now i have been using 4.3 catalyst drivers with the good ol control panel where you could turn of fast writes/ adjust agp speeds. Since i havent followed the release of any other drivers could some one suggest me a stable one ? keeping 9600 pro in mind.

I could be wrong here , but as the cards are getting faster , do they even try to enhance the ones released before in the new drivers ? I think the time when i had a tnt 2 , and gforce series came out , the new drivers infact made things more slower.

I had tried a set of drivers which came along [ati , dont recall the version though] with a fancy control panel but i think it was all pointless and ended up hogging memory. in short i am looking for stability + cp :P

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  1. Quote:
    in short i am looking for stability + cp :P

    Then download the CP version of 5.11, and then upgrade the display drivers only to the latest version. Thus you keep CP, but have the latest driver package for bug fixes, etc.
  2. thanks man , i was under a doubt that setup (ver x driver , ver y cp) would work.

  3. It usually works, when it doesn't just revert to previous stable setup, even if it's the complete 5.11 driver. Either way it's better than what you currently have. I can't say it'll work 100% of the time, as some don't work 100% of the time when you install the bundled pakcage.

    Just remember you want JUST the DISPLAY DRIVERS. Just a reminder.
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