Does Kingston ValueRAM work on ASUS A8N-E?

RAM details:
1024MB ValueRAM, CL3 400MHz DDR, 184-pin DIMM, kit (2x 512MB)

Many thanks,
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  1. No reason it shouldn't...

    There are not as many memory incompatibility probs as there once was back in 1999 with Athlon Slot A boards' debut...

    I'd expect anthing from Kingston/Corsair/Micron/OCZ to pretty much work in any common DDR board by nearly any maker...
  2. Also in Dual channel modè?

    Many thanks
  3. Yes I agree.

    Virtually all standard 184pin DDR400 PC3200 SDRAM should work in modern nForce4 motherboards.

    I personally prefer Corsair Value select or Crucial over Kingston ValueRAM however it should still work.

    Yes, it should also work in Dual Channel mode as long as the sticks are identical.
  4. yeah. with kingston, 8O must really have identical chip on the sticks.
    coz some others are made with kingston, with samsung, with infenion, with it really bugs my pc ( it had 4x512mb ) when it was installed with different sticks then.

    its just kingston value ram.but stable and it rocks!

    corsairs and crucial are hard to find it here in my place. :wink:
  5. Aye, sometimes they switch suppliers every other day :-(

    I did have problems with ValueRAM several years ago but they have gotten better.

    The high-end Kingston has always been better.

    Kingston wouldn't be my first choice if you can get Corsair, OCZ or Crucial.
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