Good company to build custom pc?

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good company online or even in stores that can build me a FULLY customized pc. I'd love to build it but I don't want to risk receiving a dead motherboard again and then having to exchange it which could take weeks. I would just like a company (reputable hopefully) to build, test, and give me a warranty. You guys know of any good names? Monarch PC?? Thanks a bunch.


I would love to build my own, are there any companies with actual stores that I could buy all my pieces from and return if necessary. I have nightmares about shipping and restocking fees. Thanks a ton.

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  1. No Money = ABS Computers

    Money = Alienware

    More Money = Falcon-NW

  2. The problem with the big chains is they have a limited selection of parts. One thing you can try is to see if there are any Net sellers that are local to you. There are several near me that also have a 'retail' window at their wharehouse where you can buy what you've found on their website in person.

    Check Six,
  3. Quote:
    No Money = ABS Computers

    Money = Alienware

    More Money = Falcon-NW


    Add AAC to that list, thier computer are cheaper and performs better.

    Only go for those guys if you wanna pay a lot of money. Actual stores?? Go Google or Yahoo local search and you can find a bunch.
  4. I like Falcon nw but there not cheap, so the abs systems on newegg might be for you.
  5. Just read a good article about a company called Maingear.
  6. Havent had actual experience from this company, but have heard some good reviews.


    Overdrive PC

    Puget Systems
  7. I got my last 2 systems at this place: MBX
    they will build just about anything you want. Comes with a 3yr warranty and support with a clue.
    if you want cheap/inexpensive DONT go there
    if you want a reliable PC - they have worked well for me.
  8. Quote:
    No Money = ABS Computers

    Money = Alienware

    More Money = Falcon-NW


    I actually have experience with having Falcon NW building my last Gaming PC for me, if you have the $$ and really are apprehensive about building your own system then by all means I highly reccomend them to build your system for you. They really do build a top of the line system and stand behind it 1000% in case anything at all goes wrong with it.

    When I first got mine, it over heated ( I think the UPS guys played drop the crate with it a few times) and falcon not only built me a brand new rig but, showed me how to set it so it ran slower while they built my new system then overnighted my new system to me, upgraded that systems cooling and video card at no cost to me at all, just because they felt bad that I had to go through that troubel and it wasn't even their fault.

    Myself I've moved beyong having them build me a system but I do have to say at the time it sure did feel good to have a custom built system by the pro's, It's just something about having one of their systems sitting in front of you. If I ever get rich I'll have them make my systems exclusively, exactly to my specs every year, lol! Good luck to you.
  9. Dell or Gateway :wink: jk
  10. Build Your Own (Hint, Hint, Read Below, Hint, Hint :lol: )
  11. Quote:
    Dell or Gateway :wink: jk

    Don't they run in line with alienware?
  12. yes they do!!! for the same components and price those two old birds only lags behind by like 50 frames, not that much of a deal....
  13. I just checked out ibuypower. They are incredibly inexpensive. This is amazing!
  14. Quote:
    I just checked out ibuypower. They are incredibly inexpensive. This is amazing!

    I know! They advertise in computer gaming world all the time. Really knocks my socks off.

    Let me know if you buy one; I want to hear reviews.

    Whenever I try to build a PC (theoretically, because I can't afford to actually order the parts) I always compare the PC with ibuypower's equivalent customized PC to see if I can beat their price.

    Some of their cases look hilarious, but of course you get to choose which one you order so you're not stuck with a goofy banana case.
  15. Quote:
    No Money = ABS Computers

    Money = Alienware

    More Money = Falcon-NW


    HardOCP has been doing system reviews of almost all these manufacturers, and others that have been listed in this thread. Hop over there and read a few of them first, they do a pretty thorough job.

    I think they rated the Maingear system the best so far:

    [H]ard|OCP System Reviews
  16. Quote:
    I just checked out ibuypower. They are incredibly inexpensive. This is amazing!

    yeah ibuypower is a good choice, one i'd go with.

    With finding a store near you, how about a computer fair? try the one I attend=
  17. Buyer beware. After looking at their website and contact information, I wonder if they are some sort of a sister company of Cyberpower, who I've dealt with before. To sum up Cyberpower, their customer support is absolutely atrocious.

    Be sure to check out Looks like a handful of unhappy customers when it comes to customer support, which was my problem with Cyberpower. The systems are cheap, but don't expect them to help you when the system fails.

    I also just ran their system config. thingy and a machine identical to the one I just purchased parts for is well over $100. Take a closer look at their specs.

    I'm not trying to knock them, but just be aware of what you're getting.
  18. heard bad things re: ibuypower (suposedly owned by cyperpower) besides 0 support, 3 people said that they GLUE the MB to the case! sure would be fast assembly. I have ranted about Monarch Computer (MCS) before. The site has a huge selection & labor is reasonable but I have a dead SATA2 socket in the ASUS P5N32SLI-dlx MB and they wont answer e's and phones. 24/7 support is closer to 12/5. I would rather buy a HP and learn a foreign language. resellerratings has them rated very good but I think that MCS has all their employees sending in fake ratings instead of helping customers. They have been accused of selling used parts, etc also.
    Go to the forums/help site for any manufacturer & see what people have problems with.
    Velocity Micro has fair prices & c/s is excellent.
  19. Interesting... I've wondered how some of these MFGs could get their prices lower than newegg prices less the shipping..
  20. some of MCS's parts prices are a little high (~therefore a hidden build charge). I guess, if a person has time & skills, I think that peace on earth can be achieved by dealing with warranty issues direct w/ manufacturer and not a computer manufacturer (try to get free Windows support from OEM!)
  21. I believe they use hot glue...if you reheat that you can do what you want, eh? but that's why I bought my system from a local company instead of ibuypower...however, all the reviews I've seen about them are good. and don't they have a 3rd party at home warranty they offer on all the pc's they sell?
  22. MCS has a 3 yr also ($100) and getting service is like eating an Elephant ---- takes a lot of time & you need to take a dump when ur done! I did some searches under their name and, esp @ forums, they were trashed. Even the BB ans (i think) had enough bad things that I noticed a trend of bad beyond Mfg issues. If someone used hot glue, what else? I heard that wires weren't connected & stuff for what it's worth. Glad you bought local -- support the local biz & if service is bad, you have a short drive to burn the computer in front of their store :wink:
  23. nah, it came with a modem that needed replaced, a via chipset mobo from gigabyt, 256mb ram instead of 512, and a 300 watt psu. but it was built in an atx box. it was actually a good learning experience for me.

    however, I'm getting ready to build a new pc. and even though that same company is selling a better pc today than they did back then, with what I've learned from rebuilding this pc, I'm just gonna build my own.

    I had thought it was all just a piece of cake, all this building a pc junk. but I replaced that via board with an nforce2 by epox and realized there is a bit of work to that part of it anyway.

    my first pc was an hp and I'll never purchase another mass manufactured pc in my life.
  24. Quote:
    my first pc was an hp and I'll never purchase another mass manufactured pc in my life.

    Amen to that
  25. I highly recommend My friend recently got his gaming rig from them and it doesn't fall short in terms of gaming performance. He ended up getting a 7800GTX with an X2 series processor. They're a new company but they're way cheaper than alienware.

    You can always trying buying the parts and having a computer savy friend build it for you. If not, I heard zenotek has excelent support and service.

    Good Luck.
  26. just wanted to drop a dime and say THANK YOU to all here @ tomshardware. i am clueless when it comes to building a computer and am learning SO much reading others' posts. i wish i had the knowledge to build my own rig, but instead i am looking to have one built for me in the very near future and this website and all of you are A GODSEND!
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