How much time need windows to load-up?

From the moment when MB make BIP until the red led has stop,from this moment you can access every apllication without booting-delay,the system its prepared for use.
My Pc needs aprox 1min ..i don't konw if is fast or slow.I have P4 630, 2X512, 6600GT, MB P5GD1.In task manager i have only 20 processes at startup.

But i want faster load..In BIOS everything is set to boot fast, only from 1 logo etc..and still no difference..Windows needs to uninstall/ install or ...?
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  1. around 20seconds on win2k, 2 processes at startup, AVG and Logitech Mouse and Keyboard.

    spec in sig.

    i have turned off all ports like the printer port and all usb ports i dont use and onboard sound, 1 network device, game ports etc

    and been through my registry and changed a bucket load of options to optimise my system :D


    what windows do you have?

    ok i just did some timings, win2k about 1min 30, winxp about 40 sec.. you can speed up 2k by using the winxp boot file...but i havnt tried it yet incase it screws things up.
  2. Ive heard pcs boot as fast as 40 sec with raptor raid 0 setup mine does like 50sec with my 200gig wd
  3. I'm using WinXp Pro.
    My system it is on a WD 80Giga with 10/giga partion for winXp.
  4. My boot time is 11 seconds to post, 31 seconds to open Windows.
    NF7 v.2/XP2500@2.2/512 Value RAM
    Standard Component Services loaded, no tweaks on this install for stability
    All ports, USB, etc. open to default
    Nothing in Startup, I open my own programs.
    I found for the overclock the system was most stable this way.
  5. But some process are important for windows..i can't close them all
    Windows could run without any process in startup??
  6. Under Run type msconfig, go the the box on the far right and uncheck everything. Reboot and see, if you really need something you can easily
    boot again and recheck the box.
  7. All of your start-up items are not needed, but it is more useful for some to start. such as video drivers, printers, sound, anti-virus(if you have it) anti-spyware(if you have it). those are the ones to leave start-up compared to Instant messanging tools, and others that you can start yourself.

    There are some services you can disable too. there are ones that aren't windows' services, those can be disabled pending on what they are. Some of the windows services can be disabled, yet again, what they are.

    other helps could be: getting rid of extra fonts(if you have more than 100). don't have the clear pagefile setting on. (so your pagefile isn't deleted and remade everytime, currently if you didn't change it, it's good). and defrag. i'd also agree with o/c.

    any thing else I miss...?
  8. I agree, and submit Viper's short tutorial on disabling services. I DON't agree with not using msconfig first, it's a lot safer than messing in services, which definitely can cause windows failures if you disable the wrong thing. Try msconfig first, then go to changing services. The network ones can be tricky.
    If removing the startups don't help it's unlikely tweaking services will, but it will definitely result in a more efficient use of CPU power.
    Windows XP Professional Services Tweaking
  9. My system has almost the same specs as yours and same settings in bios. My computer will boot in approximately in 1 min. it takes 30 seconds until it starts loading windows, and then the rest untill is in windows with everything loaded. I think this is some feature of Asus boards, because i have a friend with the same specs as you, especially the motherboard and his system is taking the same time as mine to boot up. anyway i don't think this mens that smthing is wrong. and disabling all those service doesn't help much, to me at least because most of the time is untill it loads windows, but after the desktop appears it takes about 3 seconds till everything is loaded. i heard smthing about SATA disks making booting process to take a little longer...
  10. I think that too,because the MB is checking the dual raid and other technical things.I have WinXp installed on the IDE partion, SATA it is a little faster in comparation with IDE from what i know.
    With anti virus(kaspersky), sound(MB) disabled and nothing in system tray i have the same load time maybe 1-2 sec could be the processes from task manager but i don't have"40" i have 17...after loading the system runs just fine.
    I'm thinking at WinXp-64 or Media Center but not all the drivers and softwares works with him for the moment.
  11. Silly idea, but what if you just hit the start button sooner. :D

    Or try sleep/suspend mode...
  12. Don't botter with that 1 min for booting. installing windows again i don't think will do any good, anyway i think that after everything is loaded yours works as well as mine, without any issues, so leave it like that. i am pleased with mine anyway. i don't see booting time as an issue since everything else is going well.
  13. Sadley most people in this thread don't know what they're talking about. 90% of the boot time wasted is windows loading device drivers--recently more and more for devices you don't even use. In device manager click view and choose show hidden devices. Anything under non plug n play devices WITH A YELLOW MARK should be removed. Another way to speed up boot time--UNPLUG THOSE FRIKIN USB DEVICES when you don't use them. HP PSC printers use over 300MB of config drivers so they're the worst, but usb memory keys or any external storage device will slow your boot an additional 10 to 30 seconds depending on how good your bios understands usb devices. If you have a PS2 Keyboard it will boot much faster than a usb keyboard as well. Update your bios if the manufr. says that the bios improves any sort of usb initialisation and even if no usb devices this will help.

    Of course the traditional things like defrag your hard drive and chkdsk every couple of weeks or so will help, but the above is the best help. Best software solution--delete everything in your C:WINDOWSPrefetch folder--everything. Stay away from Hibernate--use standby. Hibernate makes a 1.5GB or so file and really slows your pc regardless of ram or hard drive space. Disable under display properties -> Screen Saver tab -> Power...-> Hibernate tab.

    This is my forte, my old K7S5A mobo system still boots in less than 15 seconds with desktop fully loaded. You can usually get the # of running processes down to 16 w/o antivirus processes so google about what services you can disable by running services.msc. Many are bulky and useless.

    Regarding msconfig, it has been so overly used by technicians and tech support that nearly every app in the world has other ways of "checking itself back". It is almost completely useless, although I agree if you use it use it first. I got to go may edit later.
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