Calling anyone that owns the Asus A8N32-SLI DELUXE!!!

I have just received an ASUS A8N32 - SLI DELUXE. The package was in great condition. The box was in great condition, all of the cables were sealed but I noticed that the motherboard was wrapped just as I had expected except that on one end it was wide open. It does not seem like it was cut open or anything but I'm curious if everyone that owns this motherboard received it the same way. I was thinking that it would be either totally sealed or at least taped on one end. Am I just tripping out over nothing?
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  1. yep, thats how they come, either left open, or taped down with a small bit of tape.. lol
    just look at the static bag and see if there aint any crease marks on it, thats how i check and oil marks of components
  2. Thank you for the reply manvadher! I'll have to check for those crease marks and oil marks. Thanks again!
  3. mine came the same. don't worry. Did you have any problems recognizing the CD drive? my BIOS won't find the CD/DVD..
  4. As long as it works, i wouldn't worry about it :D
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