Which Thermal Paste to use?

Hi everyone, i just wanted to know which termal paste to use, i already have artic silver 5. Just wanted to know if there is anything better. if not, then i'm cool with what i have. thank you.
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  1. you have artic silver 5, use it (it's one of the better pastes)
  2. AS5 is what I use.
  3. Since you have it use it.
    Now if you didnt have AS5 and you werent overclocking then the thermal paste that came with the heatsink would do just fine.
    I think toms did an article on different thermal paste and the overall conclusion was it didnt make that much of a difference.
    Now if your overclocking then the 1 or 2 degree drop would be worth it to use the high end thermal paste.
  4. OCZ makes some pure copper stuff. But the benchmarks showed it wasn't any better than Arctic Silver 5.

    So, AS5 is your best bet. And despite what anyone says, it's way better than plain ole thermal goo.

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