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I'm starting to assemble my first PC and I am putting the offset screws in the case.

Now I'm wondering why some of the offset screws for the motherboard have small male ends that would fit inside the holes the the MB. I'm assuming these will hold the board in place as it is placed over the offets.


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  1. Since it is your first time building, I cant stress this enough. READ ALL THE MANUALS COVER TO COVER BEFORE BUILDING!!!

    As for your question, probably, but it depends on the case.
  2. You are correct. They are there for people who install the motherboard while the case is standing up.
  3. The scews with the 'small male ends', called stand-off screws, are required. If you do not use them then your motherboard will be resting directly on the metal motherboard tray in your case and will likely short out.
  4. The smaller male ends screw into the case....mb sits on top of standoffs....screws secure mb (thru it) to said standoffs...

    Be sure to only put standoffs where there are appropriate holes for the mb, or any extras might short the bottom of the mainboard to the case...
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