is the opteron144 or 146 any good
thinking of upgrading my system (it is old and the 4600ti is fried) so will need a new mobo/cpu/ram/power supply/graphics card/and maybe some extra cooling
like the oc for opteron but is it any good
also any tips for the rest will only go to 6800gs or x800gto2

other option is to just get cheap 6600 agp card and await new amd boards later this year?
thanks guys
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  1. I have a 146 I purchased last month. Without much tinkering in bios, I have had this cpu at 2.85ghz, running @ a cool 31c @ idle.

    Opteron 146
    Zalman cnps7000b
    DFI Ultra-D
    Patriot pc4800 xlbk
    Sintek 500W psu
    MSI x800
  2. Wusy...In a brief highjack of this thread...Do you think the "expert" is worth the $75.00 more then a plain Ultra-D?
  3. I agree with wusy you'll get the best results with a high end Motherboard. I would pick the 6800GS for a video card as well. Also if your budget would allow the Opteron 165 is an outstanding choice. :!:
  4. ok so opinion is opteron 165 + 6800gs+ DFI UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert
    how about ram type and make also power supply and extra cooling

    my present system is

    cpu athlon xp 1800
    mother msi kt3 ultra2-c
    chip via vt8367 apollo kt333
    memory ddrsdram pc2100(515mb)

    presumably I can just add the new bits easilly??
    tips welcome
  5. thanks wusy
    could get a new tower from novotech but wont get the cpu /board that I would like
    never tried to build one myself so that should be interesting
  6. How far do you think you will try to OC your system? This will effect how much you will need to spend on Mem. I Have a Rosewill Value RV450S and it works great for me. (Only running a XP 2400 OCed to 2115 :cry: )
  7. never tried before so its a bit of a guess!
  8. Double post: Sorry
  9. I know I'm a little late to this thread, but go for the 146 CAYBE, 0543.
    They have the best chance of hitting 3GHZ on good air.

    As for the "Pro" version, Ultra-D can become SLI with a pencil mod (just close off a few transistors with the graphite) They can be had around $115.

    EDIT: This may sound like a broken record but...do not do not do not
    attempt to overclock without

    A) Solid, quality power supply providing plenty of wattage/amprage(spell check that)

    B) Decent ram. If you go to push your CPU, and you come back a week later bitching becuase it wont go above 2.3GHz, and your using Value line sticks, I wont feel bad.

    C) Sufficient cooling. Damnit people, ya gotta disapate the heat, its killer.

    EDIT again =) :

    Power supply, Thermaltake, PCP&P, Antec and Zippy - love all four.
    GPU - Try picking up a GTO2 - R480 and can unlock the full 16 pipes.
  10. did you just use thermaltake in the same context as pc power and cooling?!
  11. I am ashamed...my apologies :(

    My revised list


    Just in cased you dont have the $$
  12. Quote:
    presumably I can just add the new bits easilly??

    As long as your current case isn't too old and cramp. Your existing PSU needs to be 400W(or greater too) if you want to keep it.

    Will his PSU be any good with that new motherboard? I think old PSU used 38 pins(?) that are plugged into the Motherboard, but new mobo's required 40 pin power connectos?

    I heard that somewhere :?
  13. Have not heard of 38 or 40. Only 20 or 24 Pin. Just make sure your new PSU is 24 pin compatable. I believe most of the better ones come with the 24 to 20 pin adapter. :)
  14. If your budget is tight you could always use a budget line now and upgrade to a high end later. I've been using GeIL 1GB Kit DDR400 Value Series. Considering how little I paid for it I have no complaints about the performance it gives.
  15. I correct myself, 20 and 24 pins. I'm gonna have the same issue, if your PSU is rather old, yet you want to keep it (it's 400W so it's fairly good), check if it supports 24pins, some PSU can allow you to turn their 24pins into 20pins to fit the motherboard. Anyways, I have the same problem, Wusy suggested getting a simple adapter.

  16. sounds good but I'm lost here I need a little(lot) more guidance...
    ...pointers in the right direction
    in other words model numbers etc
  17. What is your budget? Then I'll bother to get into detail...
  18. £ 500 max=$US 800
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