what do u think of this case

http://xoxide.com/ssttj03.html do u think its worth the 300 dollars (shipping included) for this case? id be upgrading from a thermaltake tsunami dream... it better offer incredable cooling or else its a no go :P
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  1. Well I've not used it myself so I can't speak to how well it cools but it doesn't look like something I'd pay $300 for.
  2. haha yea i really like the way it looks, if it weighed like 2 pounds id consider it :D but no thanks if its some giant steel case...
  3. Well that intake fan filter is pretty cool, are those sold anywhere?
  4. haha 300 dollar case and u like the 2 dollar fan filter :)... probably at there website, if u find what its called google it and see if they have it somewhere else for cheaper!
  5. $300 for a case is nuts! Why don't you just spend $150 on a good Antec or Lian Li and us the other $150 to upgrade another component....
  6. lol well i was convinced that i wasnt gonna buy it, but if i were to upgrade itd be to some crazy big case so i can watercool it
  7. I've just completed a new build using the Silverstone Temjin TJ-03 Silver all-aluminum version of this case and I can tell you . . . it is

    Spectacular! Finest case I have ever used. Finest case I have ever seen. With dual 80mm exhaust fans out the back, a 120mm intake fan in front and another 120mm venting out the top - this case keeps my overclocked AMD 4000+ Sandy w/ XP-90 super cool. Case under full load never breaks 40C.

    While you might shell out $275 for it, it has all the small details perfected. Removable mobo tray slides I/O like it was machined. No sharp edges. Fan's included are Silverstones and whisper quiet. Off-sets for mobo are extra tall allowing for max. airflow and cooling. Front filtered 120mm intake fan blows over your drives for cooling. This case is HUGE - check it's dimensions. Future proof for E-ATX, BTX, watercooling, you name it. Designed with the enthusiast in mind. You'll never buy another case.

    I bought it because I wanted something that would look great with my Bang & Olufsen audio equipment - Silverstone delivers!
  8. well im not crazy enough for either of them :), just thought that the silver was a nice case and ive been eying it for a while :P
  9. I haven't seen or used this case.

    Don't underestimate the front fan filter. It's not that a filter is so amazing, it's that you can get to it without crawling on the floor and pulling out all your hard drives and all that stuff.

    But measure twice, I got a tall case that wouldn't fit in my pre-fab computer station that I bought at staples... just too tall by about an inch after I removed the retractbable stability feet too.

    Also, this one claims to have room for six 3.5" hard drives. You could load up a large RAID system in it and be set for life... well for a while anyway.
  10. well i dont really ahve a problem with the desk as u do because if it didnt fit under i could move it beside my table... but as for the air filter my thermaltake tsunami has a front filter thats easy to get to :) open the front door and pull! veyr simple, thing gets mad dirty thoughi guess when i upgrade my case itll probably be another thermaltake because i like this one a lot and the price was in my range, 300 is too much for a case, no single part in my comp cost 300... 200 is still too much for me for a case :P, like i said in a diff post a cool lookin case is like rims on a car, they look good but provide no performance at all... i guess if im gonna spend 300 on a case its gonna be the UFO one from xoxide :)
  11. well, u have pretty bad taste... i take it u own a raidmax case?
  12. I will stick with my Antec P-180...
  13. Personally, if I were going to spend $250 or $300 for a case alone, I's get the CM Stacker 830. (Amazing cooling and 8O THE SPACE 8O )
  14. eh i dun really like the look of it :P im more into professional looking cases..
  15. Hehe... For a case that big.. and this..
    Please Note: The 420 Watt Raidmax Power Supply and 500 Watt Aspire UV Reactive Power Supplies will not fit into this case due to fittings and/or space limitations. Sorry for any inconveniences, you can choose from any of the power supplies below for this case, as they will all fit properly.

    Makes me not want the case... but I prefer clear acrylic cases anyways...
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