Problems: Computer or COD: Black Ops?

I had no problem playing this game with 3GB RAM and Vista 32-bit and now I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit and 8GB RAM and I have terrible FPS. Is there something I'm missing on this system. :pt1cable:

Gateway GM5632e
2.66GHz Quad Core
Windows 7 64-bit
Radeon HD5770 1GB DDR5 RAM
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  1. I did update all drivers. I can't afford to do anymore right now so I guess I'll just wait.
  2. I have 2.4ghz quad at the moment and the game runs fine. But it is true, the game uses a lot of cpu. I have to sometimes close everything even to just play it.

    It's terribly optimised. try turning down the resolution, and turn on/off v-sync. It helped for me switching between the two and other users have shown the same strange behaviour where v-sync on actually helped.

    Mind you, this is regarding the 'skipping'. Which definitely IS cpu. Low fps can be your gpu as well.
  3. Quote:

    Black ops is cpu intensive and a bad port. You need to OC your cpu and get it to above 3. 3.5Ghz will do.
    I suggest you get a aftermarket cooler if you don't have one.
    Then you need to install all the patches for it as well.
    Did you clean out the old drivers and updated the drivers?

    If he was able to run the game in vista then how is tha he needs to oc his pc? I don't agree. Vista consumes a lot of resources, it should be smoother in 7.I can run BFBC2 on my pentium D.

    Are you playing wireless online?
    Are you closing your av or firewall or any p2p sw?
  4. 1680x1050
  5. BTW how did that CFG work?
  6. you might wanna check out the steam forums for better support. These kinds of problems (and solutions to them) have been well documented there:
  7. With everything disabled it's in the teens 13-18. Then with settings up its at about the same 13-17
  8. So I need to OC my cpu? That will be a first.
  9. Thanks for the help. Not sure if I'm ready to overclock just yet. If I do I believe my cooler that came stock will do the trick.
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