Looking for cool USB/5" bay toys

Browsing around, I ran across some USB LED personal lights, a personal fan, and a drink chiller. I also saw a 5" drive bay EZ-bake oven (badass! but probably wouldnt help with heat issues) and a cup holder/cigarette lighter.

But I can't remember where I saw them and I can't find any place or post about them.

Does anyone know where I can nifty, non-essential items like this? Bling value only
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  1. I don't know if either of these have what you want right now but they have in the past..


  2. Cool thanks!

    Found some expansion slot fans here:

    More stuff for 5.25" would be nice.. I have a desk to hold my drinks lol. Other than that I'm only seeing 8-1 media readers and fan control units. Has anyone seen anything else? How useful are the fan controllers?
  3. http://thinkgeek.com perhaps?

    Semper Fi Linux on!
  4. This thing is kind of interesting, if it works.

  5. just remember that with every additional installation that uses power you put extra strain on the PSU. summary- your PSU wattage must be sufficient. :!:
  6. True, however the power draw of USB devices is severely limited.

    500mA IIRC which is negligible.
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