which windows is the fastest?

I heard that with Windows 2000 I can loose maybe 3 fps, is that true? which windows is the fastest? I have Windows ME with all latest drivers for all my hardware. Anybody knows what is the best driver for Gainward CardExpert GeForce2 MX Twin View Golden Sample (Windows ME)??
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  1. Windows 2000 was meant more for stability, not for multimedia. Windows ME I think was geared for the home user, especially with games. Either with Windows 98/SE or ME, you'll be playing your games with the best performance. I don't know about how Win2K loses 3 fps, but it probably has a slower performance, that's for sure...
  2. "I heard that with Windows 2000 I can loose maybe 3 fps"

    Yep. At least. That's if you're measuring from 50fps. If you're measuring from 30fps, it's about 2. Winme will give you the exact same drop, if not slightly more.

    So far, judging from the posts and other info on the web, it's a driver issue. Nes98 has been around for 3 years......
  3. I think that Win98SE is the fastest out of 98SE, ME, and 2000. ME boots a bit faster, but in most (not all) programs in the Windows environmet, 98SE has proven to be a touch faster.

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  4. i just instsalled 2k yesterday, and although ME boots a little faster (about 10 secs faster) 2k is a lot faster running. but that may be cos i havent installed all the crap on it yet.
  5. Haazz, i had upgraded from w98 to winMe and IMHO.....
    -WinME has faster startup speed and has a pretty good stability/performance ratio & has built-in 24hr backup!!
    -Win98 is....ok but i have kinda stability problems with it. Must be Norton Systemworks...that had to be it!
    ~The verdict~i go with winME!!!

    Also, i thought the best drivers are from the OEM manufacturers themselves...maybe you wanna try out the nVidia reference drivers....THE DETONATORS HAHA

    -=$&| *WWWuuusssuuuppp?!?!?* |&%=-
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