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Alright, so I bought the MX3100 duo set a few weeks ago and its been awesome in all ways, games paint etc, but today i sat down to play a friend 1 on 1 in some oldskool Counterstrike and when i started to strafe around I was getting weird sliding/lag movments. I relized that for some reason when i moved my mouse/or pressed any button on it at the same time as pressing keys on the keyboard, it made all keys on the keyboard unfunctional. as soon as the mouse was not in use (stopped moving/nokeys pressed) the keyboard returned to working condition.

Not having changed anything in my setup (position of docking station etc) I checked all batteries - and they were all full. I checked power connectors - which were fine. finally i pulled the docking station to the other side of the keyboard and , vuela , the keyboard and mouse worked together as normal. Experimenting further i found out taht if the mouse is positioned between the docking station (which also serves as the recever for the RF signals sent out by the mouse and keyboard) then the keyboard cannot function untill the mouse is not in use. However when placing the mouse on the opposite side of the recever (or just not inbetween it and the keyboard) everything works as should.

how is this possible? It never has done this before!
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  1. Have you checked to make sure the mouse and KB are not operating on the same channel?

  2. it only says that my keyboard is channel 1 in the logitech software, it doesnt give my mouse channel....
  3. Do you have the mouse drivers installed? In you logitech directory you should have an itouch configuration as well as mouse properties. In the mouse config there should be a wireless tab. It should tell you in there what channel the mouse is on.

  4. I have the software that the logitech webiste says to install, installed.

    I have the tab for the mouse, however it does not tell me what channel my mouse is on like the keyboard does.

    here is what the logitech website says about what i should instal for my mx3100 combo

    For Windows XP and 2000 users: If you were using Logitech MouseWare with a Cordless Click! or a Cordless Click! Plus mouse, installing SetPoint on top of MouseWare will transfer control of your mouse from MouseWare to SetPoint. MouseWare will no longer recognize your mouse. If you were only using one mouse with MouseWare, you can now uninstall MouseWare and use SetPoint.

    Please view the Readme File located on your system at C:Program FilesLogitechSetPoint.

    The file size of SetPoint is approximately 34 Mb.
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