Need help with USB and win98

Customer has GateWay G6-400

Windows 98 (NOT SE), all SP and security updates
256mb ram

USB ports were acting up, starting not responding intimately. reboot, they still would not work, remove them from device manager and they would work again for a while.

on the USB is a printer, mouse, Kodak camera and sometimes a scanner. This problem persisted no matter what combo of them were connected etc.

No spy-ware or viruses on machine.

I decide she would benefit from a USB pci card, plus it would be USB 2.0 as the onboard the Gate way were 1.1.

Installed USB card and drivers, and machine would lock up, mentioning NTkern.vxd.

So I had some sort of resource conflict, I tried other pci slot to no avail.

Removed card and tried to just go back to onboard USB but they don't work at all

Under Device manager I have a Yellow exclamation next to System board extension for PnP bios and says device is causing a resource conflict (code 15)

Also Yellow exclamation next next to USB root hub, NTkern.vxd device could not load device driver (code 2) to fix update driver.

when I attempt to update driver it say best driver already installed, when I manually pick device to driver to add and point it to the Win98 cd I get a BLUE screen with

Exception OE occurred at 0028:C026A3D1 in VXD NTkern (06)

I click ok, and a error box with a Rundll32 error pops up and I have to reboot.

I know I has a resource conflict, but it was an IRQ or DMA problem so I don't know, and I should be able to just go back to the onboard USB ports? without all this problems.

I am posting this in the reg. support area also, sorry if that is a double post but this is very important as it is a important business customers sons computer.

Thanks for any guidance

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  1. Been there, done that.

    Windows 98 and USB were a poor mix. Even if you were to get things working, it probably won't stay fixed for long.

    Find a copy of Upgrade Windows 98SE. Do all the Windows Updates that you can find. Win98SE was the first time USB became reasonable stable.

    Do a Froogle Google check, and probably get full version about $50. Or

    Believe me, quit trying to fix Win 98.
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