What Performance impact if I'm use 2T vs 1T

What performance impact if I'm use 2T DRAM Command Rate instead of 1T DRAM Command Rate in BIOS settings? I'm use Athlon XP 2800+ CPU and VIA KT333 chipset based motherboard and 1.25GB of DRAM.
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  1. I'll answer this question yet again (doesn't anyone search the forums first?). Read this.
  2. Interesting article, I have CORSAIR D400 512MX2 VS1GBKIT400 Value Ram (3-3-3-8 T2) set at 2.5-3-3-7 T2 w/448Mhz HT, completely stable on Prime95 and Memtest86 for 24hrs each. I think I will give 2-3-3-7 or 6 a try and then go for a T1 just to see if it will work. Because we all know trying is half the fun :twisted:
  3. Alright, I read the article, but still, I'm a little lost... T1 and T2 are features of the RAM, or are they settings you configure on the BIOS?

    If it is a propiety of the RAM, how can I tell if it's T1 or T2?
  4. I didn't understand that =/

    I'm really noobish when it comes to RAM, please explain yourself a bit better
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