Hi there,

I have a Gigabyt K8NXP-SLI and am using 2 Sticks of 512 MB Corsair XMS3200 CL2 MEMORY =1 GB

I also have 2x 256 MB INFINEON CL3 memory sticks =512 MB.

Can I put the Corsairs into one Channel and the Infineons into the other Channel?

And if I do, will it: A) Run Stable?
B) Run at CL2 or CL3?
C) If it runs at CL2, will my Infineons blow up?

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  1. if my memory serves me correctly, if you use those in anywhich way, it can cause numerous problems, but however if no problems occur it will run a SINGLE channel and CL3.
  2. Multiple sticks of memory will always run at the lowest common denominator. They will both run a CL3 and have the timings of the lower grade memory.

    Using mixed sticks, especially chips, is never a wise idea in dual-channel. The memory must run in pefect parity or you'll get a ton of memory errors and BSoD's.

    I'd say run those sticks in single channel mode, it'll still run at the lowest common denominator, but at least you get the extra memory which will make the biggest effect.

    If you want a error proofed (mostly) experience with dual-channel, buy a matched pair dual-channel kit.
  3. Sure you can do it. Everything will be timed at CAS3 though.

    My advice is to leave the 256MB DIMMs out.

    1GB is plenty and another 512MB ain't gonna do shite.

  4. Most mobo's will allow you to mix 256MB and 512MB sticks aslong as you even out the channels and they are configured identical.

    A possible config for DC-mode:
    slot A1: Corsair 512MB CL2
    slot A2: Infineon 256MB CL3
    slot B1: Corsair 512MB CL2
    slot B2: Infineon 256MB CL3

    (Slots Ax belonging to the first channel and Bx to the other.)

    This will put 768MB on each channel in identical config and allow the mobo to operate in dual channel mode.
    However the slower CL3 timing will be used and like others have said before:
    Mixing different brands/speeds/sizes may cause stability problems.
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