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Hi all,
New to tweaking and such and I have a question.
It seems every time I play with ntune and something "Drastically changes", windows wants me to reactivate XP. This is the second time I have received a message like this in the last week and I have only had my build up and running for 2 weeks. The first time it happened, I couldnt activate over the internet and was forced to call.
Anything I am doing wrong? Anyway to avoid this reactivation annoyance.
I really hate to have to call microsoft everytime I tweak.
Thanks in advance for the advice

My build:

AMD 64 3700+ san diego, socket 939
Epox 9NAP+Ultra
2x512 Corsair XMS
eVGA 7800GT
WD caviar 8ogb Sata
Cooler Master Centurion 5
MS XP home
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  1. Wouldn't have thought just playing with clockspeeds/timings would be enough to make windows think it's on a different machine.

    Get hold of XP corporate edition... That doesn't require activation :twisted:

    Of course, you'd probably have to download it, but you do own a copy of XP, and you're not going to be using any more than the one machine, you're not really breaking the law. It's not like you haven't paid them for a single licence :?

    I guess that depends on your own morals :D I'd be quite fine with that.

    The only other option would be to just put up with it until you find the 'Sweet spot' and then leave it there.. But as a man who likes to play around with his hardware too, I know that's no fun :lol:
  2. thanks for the reply.

    I have an oem version of home xp. HOWEVER, i do have an extra license for my office cpu's for an upgrade version of xp pro. Maybe I will put that on top of xp home. That should do it.

    Yep, its really annoying as I did pay for the copy of xp and it is in no way pirated.

    Thanks again for your reply
  3. This is the problem with software nowadays, everything is checked with activation. It is comming in the new hardware{ MB's} that no unlicensed software will run, the windows system wont install software on the computer if pirated software is present. This is seen in programs now ntunes is one of the programs on the list that will seek and send info to the parties without people knowing it.
  4. Windows XP Corporate doesn't use the same license as Windows XP Home, which doesn't use the same license as Windows XP Pro. Corporate uses Volume Licensing, and you have to purchase the number of "seats" (licenses, basically) you require.

    Of course, this usually only matters if your at risk of being audited. All corporations are audited sometime, but home users rarely run into it. While the risk is so low that it's almost negated by the reward, you can still be audited and slapped with whatever fine MS and the Court decide you should pay.

    Like Wusy said, it's basically a question of morality. If you feel like it's a good product, and that it's worth the money, you should buy it. If you don't, you have the option to pirate the software and possibly be fined.

    It's all up to you; choose wisely.
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  6. no need to get a copy... here's a quick way to activate without activating :lol: all you need to do is backup the files that Windows stores that tell Windows that it has been activated. Very simple. Just copy the wpa.dbl and wpa.bak files from the C:/Windows/System32 folder to some place like My Documents or the Desktop, and whenever it asks for activation, just copy them back, replacing the existing files. :) Or, you can use the msconfig hack... 8)
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