What is the difference between a DVD and combo drive????

Ok-Both are able to burn DVDs, and both are able to burn CDs....but one is called a combo drive and another a DVD Drive. Newegg makes a distinction between them, but I can't. Can anyone help me out? I just want a single drive that will burn both DVDs and CDs, and also function primarily as a basic optical drive. Thanks
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  1. Being a regular NewEgg purchaser myself, the term Combo Drive normally refers to a DVD/CD/CD-R/CD-R/W drive hence the Combination of DVD/CD. However it can also refer to floppy/flash reader drives.
  2. No, but what my quesiton is, is DVD burning drives can ALSO burn CD-Rs and read CDs as well. What makes them different to a combo drive--a DVD burner vs. a Combo Drive burner........because they cost about the same (basically, though a broad range), in their specs, they both say they can burn DVDs and CDs, and can read both.

    There must be a difference because a distinction is made, but what is it. If I get one of those famous BenQ or NEC DVD drives, will they be able to burn CDs and DVDs, and read them both as well?

    I want to avoid buying two optical drives--less heat, power consumption, simpler to set up, more air space in case etc.
  3. DVD Writer - Writes to DVD & CD discs, Reads DVD & CD discs

    Combi Drive - Writes to CD discs only, Reads DVD & CD discs

    DVD Reader - Writes nothing, Reads DVD & CD discs

    CD Writer - Writes CD discs only, Reads CD discs

    CDRom - Writes nothing, Reads CD discs.

    Hope that clears things up abit.

    I think newegg and a few other places list drives in the wrong sections ocasionally. The above is the way I have always catagorised the drives and the way most of the people I know do as well, it could well be slightly out.
  4. Spot on
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