Dual P3 Xeon 933mhz what kind of performance to expect?

Ok I have a pair of these P3 Xeon 1000/133/256k chips laying around thatr havent been put to use and i was thinking of putting them to use and building an inexpensive system with some parts from ebay. I figure for about $200 I can get a mobo and some memory I have a few spare drives and cases I can use. My quesytion really is can I use XP pro with a dual Xeon setup, will it take advantage of the second processor?? And also what kind of performance can i expect from a system like this with a gig of ram?? It will be used mostly for basic stuff alot of music encoding/ripping/burning...etc and some CAD programs as well. Would it give me performace equal to one of the entry level HP or Dells that they sell for like $350?? Pretty much I wanna know if its worth spending around $200 on a used Mobo and Ram to use with these processors or am i better off with just getting an entry level Dell for another hundred or two??? I know 1ghz seems slow, but if you have a two of them it should give prettuy good performance?? right??
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