K8N Neo4 Platinum overclocking gone bad- HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

piece of crap hardware.

was playing doom 3 when suddenly my comp locked up and hung up with a blank screen. wasnt the vpu recover of ati as it never err... recovered.

tried to boot thereafter- power off restart and it hung up after asking for the cd in the ODD as it is set up as the primary boot device. detects all installed drives and i have 4 hdds and 2 odds.

my pc ran a 4000 athlon san diego at 2926 mhz. RAM at 2-3-3-7-1 DDR 420 and NF4 voltage of 1.75. HTT at 4x.

Tried to run windows setup and it stops loading the initial setup files randomly at its own whim (does not show a read error importantly). hence am unable to get the windows recovery console and run chkdsk.

it let me see this error a few times during windows setup "config_initialization_failed".

I have tried various things, bios reset, cmos clear, voltage reset, swapping hdds and odds, removing fdd, trying to install from various win xp discs but to no result. i have played with the same components as this is the only new pc that i have though.

please help if possible.
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  1. Hi, what happened? Did you get it sorted in the end?
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