A few Q's about Hackintosh

I was wondering if you guys know any of the following questions about Hackintosh:

1) Can you have two OS (Window 7, and Mountain Lion) on your PC (like Linux and Win7)?

2) Exactly when will AMD 7xxx be supported on Mac? Also is 6850 future proof until they support 7xxx? As I am going to do video editing, and gaming (NBA 2k12, LoL, Batman etc.)

3) Will it support wifi? Or do I have to buy a wifi adaptor?
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    You should be able to dual boot, though it might be a little tricky on a Hackintosh so you will need to investigate that further.

    As for the AMD support, no one really knows. Obviously Apple only includes support for hardware it includes in its own units, so my guess would be you need to wait until Apple gets around to including a 7xxx series card, then someone needs to tinker with that kext (driver) to try and make it work with other hardware.

    As for the wifi support, OS X tends to only support Apple's wifi cards, so I would look for something else that claims to support OS X.

    Just kind of in general, making a Hackintosh is a lot of work, and it is pretty much always going to be defined by a series of tradeoffs. It is not like you can just slap together some hardware and you have an instant Hackintosh. You have to be very careful with the hardware selection, and even then not everything will necessarily work 100%. Just based on the questions you were asking, you may want to think kind of long and hard about whether or not this is something you want to pursue. If you've ever installed Linux, you probably have some idea of the sometimes spotty hardware support, only where Linux has a fair amount of attention from the major hardware players, the Hackintosh community really doesn't. It is very similar to the earlier days of Linux, where it was just a handful of people trying to cobble together some solution for whatever hardware they happened to have. Is this something you're prepared for?
  2. I built hackintoshes alot. I have made lots of money in doing so.

    1. Yes. I am running Snow, Lion, and Windows 7 Triple boot.

    2. Buy a video card known to be supported already.

    3. There are a few wifi USBs that work out of box on osx or you can buy a internal apple wifi card on ebay.

    Just keep in mind without knowing exactly what works and what don't it can be a very frustrating task to get a hack to work 100%.

    The last one I built just a month ago cost $1500 in parts and I sold it for $3200. The client that bought it has bought 3 other ones from me in the past.
  3. @ cl-scott: No this is not what I am prepared for. I think it would be the best choice not to build a Hackintosh as I can buy one when I am entering university in a year in order to do work and video editing.

    @ daship: I see. Like my response with cl-scott, I will not make a Hackintosh. I was only thinking of that for video editing (Final Cut Pro). But I will make a Win7 PC in Oct with the new AMD Piledriver then.
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  5. I would be happy to help you if you needed some guidance. But only if you go intel.
  6. daship said:

    The last one I built just a month ago cost $1500 in parts and I sold it for $3200. The client that bought it has bought 3 other ones from me in the past.

    :o Mother of god that's some profit.
  7. There is pretty simple way of building a hackintosh.

    Have look at Kakewalk
    Here is a great list of system configurations en hardware thats is supported.

    The only thing you need is the DSDT file for your motherboard and you will find it here

    To apply the DSDT (drivers) you need a small program called Multibeast.
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