GF 4200TI New Card Equivalent

I have a high quality Leadtek Winfast GF 4200 TI 64mb GC.

Q: As far as a comparison in DX8 games - what would be the equivalent new Nvidia/Radeon card in AGP format.

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  1. ATI Raedon 9200?
    Nvidia 5200?

    ^ Wild stabs in the dark
  2. i had a 4200Ti and it served me well for a looong loooooong time before i decided to 'upgrade' my bro's PC with it

    now using a 6600GT and i'm pretty darn pleased with it =]
  3. I'm not sure but the replacement for the GF4 Ti 4200 is the GF FX 5200 Ultra.
  4. lol no 5200 should have ULTRA on its name
  5. Quote:
    lol no 5200 should have ULTRA on its name

  6. A Ti4200 is way better than a R9200 or FX5200. I say in DX 8 games, it's more like a Radeon 9600, FX5700LE, GF6200.
  7. He's saying that the name "ultra" should have never been attached to the 5200 name as it was an insult to the ultra line...
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