ASUS P4GPL-X 478 PCIE Review

My new ASUS P4GPL-X mobo arrived today from germany.
It'll prolong the life of my 478 processor till im ready to shell out big bucks for a new one.

Here's the colorfull box it came in.

The mother board...

Socket 478 Intel P4
915PL 800/533/400

Comes with:

- 16X PCIE Slot
- 3 PCI slots
- 3 PCIE slots
- built in LAN
- built in 8 channel audio

Unfortunately, there is only one primary ide connection and one floppy connection.
If you have more than 2 IDE devices like me,
you'll need to get a cable with 3 connections.

Another downside is only 2 DIMMS of memory up to 2gb. :?

When i first saw the 24 psu connection, i thought i was screwed.
But thankfully this mobo also supports 20 pin connection.

Some of the stuff you get.

It only came with 1 sata cable and power adapter, but i only have IDE drives so it didnt bother me.

Now, i didnt have a PCI-E card to test it with.... yet.
So, i decided to put in my old voodoo3 to make sure it worked. :wink:

Here's the mobo before i put it in the computer case.

Everything works fine... now all i need is a better video card.
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  1. hey how many SATA does it support, Wow I'm goin too ASUS P4GPL-X too,
    Yeeyy... ASus Really Rock's
    How about the performance? is it ok?
    How much it cost?

  2. There are four SATA connections, as you can see in the last picture.
    As far as performance, i'll let you know once i get a real video card, no use running benchmarks on 10 yr old hardware.

    This is where i got mine:

    162 w/ shipping. If you are interested in detailed specs, they're there too.
  3. I've had this board for a few months and after much heartache have discovered a MAJOR design flaw.

    Apparantly the board won't support the use of a PCI graphics card if you have a PCI-E card in it as well (won't POST). This means that I can't use my PCI card to run my 3rd/4th monitors. ASUS support say: "Motherboard P4GPL-X can't support to use PCI-E and PCI graphics cards at the same time."

    I believe that this is a limitation of the Ami BIOS. It's a shame because otherwise this motherboard is superb once I added a PCI RAID card to get enough PATA sockets!

    If anyone knows a solution, speak now and you'll be my hero.

  4. Thats a shame to hear... however, it doesn't seem like that MAJOR of a flaw
    that would stop most of us with 1 or 2 monitors from buying the mobo.

    why do you need 4 monitors btw? 8O
    I dont even have enough room to fit 4 lcd monitors on my desk...
  5. It's a major flaw to me! With monitors getting cheaper it's much more common now to have multiple monitors, it's very handy to have enough desktop space for multiple windows especially when playing games.

    I think it's bloody poor that ASUS sell a motherboard with PCI slots that you can't use for graphics cards. The flaw will cost me about £130 by the time I've replaced the motherboard and the CPU, not to mention hours of frustration.

    Thankfully ASUS support replied to me, in pidgeon English, after 5 days :roll: .

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