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I recently purchased a new computer and a BFG 7800 GT. I am having issues when I try to play any movies on windows media player. The screen will either become distorted, ie shrink to half size or go black. I then have to reboot my PC. I also get a lot of artifacts and odd colors when I play Splinter Cell.

I removed the card and tried videos with the on board graphics and they were fine, same with Splinter Cell. So it has to be something with the card.

I have an antec 450W psu, which exceeds the 400 watt min. I can play videos using quick time with out any issues. I can also play other games like BF2, EQ2, the beta for DDO without any issues.

Has anyone else had these problems? Any advice on how to fix it?

I tried calling BFG tech support but I have been on hold for over two hours and listening to the damn hold music on speaker phone is driving me crazy. Since BFG support is useless I am hoping you guys can help me out.

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  1. Artifacting could be caused by bad video memory, though I doubt it would affect only Splinter Cell and not the other titles you mentioned. I would suspect that the driver would be causing the problems. Download the latest video driver from Nvidia's web site and install it and see what happens. Are you using the driver that was supplied with the card or a reference driver from Nvidia?
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