Graphics card broke, is it worth getting a stop-gap card?

I've had my faithful Athlon 2600+ a couple of years now and she's been starting to struggle a bit with new games so I've been toying with the idea of getting a new system at some point in the future. The decision has been forced on me early though, since my trusty 5700 Ultra decided it had had enough yesterday and gave up the ghost.

I'm now left with a couple of choices of what to do for a gaming rig.

1. Buy a 6600GT for 120, making the system a 2600+ 1.5gig 333mhz RAM 6600GT. I'm hoping this will give me something of a performance boost over the old 5700 Ultra, enough to run current games on medium settings, and also to run DDO reasonably well. Then in about a year or so when even thinking about running new games would give it a heart attack I might buy a new system to run more modern games.

2. Buy a cheap ass card for it and sell it on as an Internet browsing PC. Then buy up the components for a new system. I'm looking at an Athlon 3800 dual core with 2gig and a 7800GT which looks like it should cost about a grand all told, though I may be able to shave that a little by shopping about. This way I'd be able to run any games I want on high, which would be nice and also run upcoming games too. The downside of course is that it costs a grand and DDO aside I'm not sure when the next game I'll have to have will come out.

What do you think? Would a 6600GT adequately last me a few more months? And how long would it be before the new one is as rusty as my current rig? Thanks for any replies
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  1. Funny my legacy system was the same cpu...I decided to *try* a GeForce 6600 256MB AGP card, then get a PCIe and agp mobo if the card didn't help...well turns out that Inno3D card sucks and a 6600GT would have been much better, but as you can see below, I currently have a new system with that video card I bought for the old board. Mistake for me IMO. Now I'm stuck with a halfway decent vid card in a super PC, but for a few dollars more, I could have just sold my old system and gone with a much better PCIe video card. Don't risk incompatability between old board and new video cards there are simply too many potential problems. Go ahead and get a new system, and buy a cheap 256MB 5200FX card for the old pc. Sellit to an unsuspecting newbie who thinks video performance is all about AGP 8X (vs 4X) and more video memory :twisted:
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