New Build, any comments or suggestions?

This pc is going to be used for games mostly. The only game I play right now is CS 1.6, but I would like to eventually play some new FPS games. I am upgrading from a Dell P4 1.3ghz w/ ti 4200. I'm trying to get the most reliable pc for my $$$ and staying under a resonable price.

Cool Master Case: 49.99
Sea Sonic 430W PS: 99.99
EPOX EP-9NPA MB: 137.00
Athlon 64 3200 Proc: 160.00
Corsair Value 2x512 Mem: 81.00
WD 80 Gig HD: 55.00
NEC DVD/CD: 39.75
Leadtec 6800 GS Video Card

I plan on trying to use my existing NIC, Sound Card (Turtle Beach), CD/DVD (Not dvd burner) Also, is it possible for me to using my current 40 Gig HD as a extra HD? Will all my wires that I need come w/ my MB?

Thanks for all your help, any comments is appreciated. Johnathan
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  1. looks pretty good

    do you ever plan on doing an SLI setup?
  2. No, more than likely not. From what I have read, it would be cheaper and better to upgrade to a better card than to go SLI. I just chose this MB because it seemed to have better reviews than the other Epox boards on newegg. Another question, I have XP Pro SP1 that I planned on using. I can not upgrade to SP2 :lol: Is it worth me buying another copy so I can have SP2? Thanks, Johnathan
  3. Why can't you upgrade to SP2?
  4. id suggest getting a different case, i had a centurion for a while and my 6800gt was overhaeting maybe im a retard, but no i have a superlanboy and i like it much better. All the cables you need come in that bundle with the motherboard.

    sp2 doesent really provide any newsecurity upgrades or anything like that but i would highly suggest buying xp pro if you have homw edition.
  5. Quote:
    I plan on trying to use my existing NIC, Sound Card (Turtle Beach)

    Why? The 9npa includes all those things and are most likely better than the ones you have. You will have digital sound out and 5.1 analog out. Better than that turtle beach. As for the NIC, unless it's a high end 1gbit card that you need, it's probably just going to cause you conflicts and just get in the way of your wiring and airflow in the case.

    The CD/DVD drive, why? You're getting a DVD burner, right? it will do all the same things as the CD/DVD drive plus more. Unless you'll be copying from one optical drive directly to another, you won't use both at all.

    As for the 40GB drive, sure you can add it as a second drive.

    Epox is pretty good at including any cables you might need. I would suggest you invest in a 500+ watt powersupply, so you have a good amount of headroom for further upgrades in the future.

    hope this helps.
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