RAID set up for KT880 v2.0

has anybody sucessfully set this up? Every thing shows up in the bios, I'm using 2 160gb sata, dual 512 ram, (not the prob), VIA8237 SATA1 & SATA2, I'm doing every thing by the book, made the driver disk, (exactly as the book says) Then I go into the RAID set up, choose Mirroing for reliability, but it won't allow me to specify 0 or 1 for either set up, or any of the options for that matters. I attempt to proceed, then the system reboots and asks me to specify a boot device or boot disk. Well I've tried every thing including getting away from it for a while and comming back to try every thing all over again.
Windows XP Pro sucessfully loaded on 1 of the HD's but I can't find out if its on both disks. I'm ready to jump out a window. I think I'm overlooking something simple but what? :evil:
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  1. Simple, you don't know what RAID is at the first place. Go in the Hard disk section and read the RAID faq.
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