Session3_Initialization_Failed blue screen on New Install

Hey all

Brand new system, BIOS looks fine, it sees both HDD and DVD drive correctly. Trying to load full version of XP Home and after loading files it says starting Windows and then blue screens with Session3_Initialization_Failed.
I've replaced memory, re-seated everything, double checked BIOS settings and still no go. Any ideas? I would be OH so grateful after waiting as long as I have to upgrade...My system is as follows...

Athalon 64 3700+
1 GB Corsair DDR400
Plextor DVDburner PX-740A
Evga Geoforce 7800 GT
500 Watt Antec Power Supply

Thanks in advance for anyone with advice...
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  1. Did you install any drivers at F? point when installing? You don't need drivers with SATA hd and nforce4. So, if you did, the problem might be that, the PX-740. Being a BenQ mechanism, they don't play nice with nforce IDE drivers. Reverting to MS drivers would help.

    To make sure it is the problem, try another dvd or cd drive.
  2. No, I didn't install any drivers yet, for "anything". I just fired up the system, checked BIOS, then attempted to load Windows. And I've read in a few other places to maybe try a different drive, but the DVD drive is all I have right now.
  3. I've read in some places that people either switched to another drive, which I don't have at the moment; and I've heard some people say that their Windows XP disc had a smudge on it and they wiped it off and it worked. I've cleaned the disc, and it doesn't look like there are any scratches on it. Is it possible to get a "bad" XP image? Boy that would be an expensive coaster...what would one do?
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