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Hey, I was just wondering if anybody would be able to help me out with recommending any parts for my new computer that I would like to get.

Don't know too much about the parts and whats great, but I've been reading a bit and so I came to the conclusion that I would go for...

Thermaltake Tsunami w/ window
7800GT (2 of them)
2GB of dual channel RAM
200GB hard drive
need a motherboard
AMD X2 4400+

Would really appreciate any comments and assistance on what parts are probably the best to buy. I want to make sure I get the good stuff and not end up with something I am going to regret investing my money into.
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  1. You should get for motherboard the Asus A8N32-SLi Deluxe the best with SLI 16X so you get 32 lanes for SLI not 16 as usual. Here's a link
  2. Okay thanks, I'll go for that mobo I suppose. As for brands what should I go for on the video cards? I read that eVGA had good 7800GT here on the website so I was thinking of getting that one. For RAM I thought about OCZ, and then for the hard drive maybe a Seagate... do these brands sound good? Or what is the best card package for the 7800GT?
  3. Thanks for the help. Just one last question... as far as cooling goes, what would be good to go for? Something that fits in the case of course. Friend said to go for the Zalman 9500 I believe, if it would fit.
  4. I have two eVga 7800 GTs in SLI and highly recommend them (get the 517 version - its stock overclocked and warranted for life).

    Persoanally, I think you should replace the stock CPU cooler. The Zalman 9500 is a good choice (I have the 7700 CU but that will not fit in a lot of cases). Less noise than the stock cooler and better heat dispersion. Furthermore, if you have two video cards in the case, the overall temp will be higher.

    The X2 4400+ is great. I have mine OC'ed to 2.42 GHz (same speed as the 4800+) without really trying.
  5. Oh, BTW, another reason for using an aftermarket CPU cooler now is that it is a real pain to remove the board from the case after it is fully assembled.
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