Help me find cool air plane games please...

was using the 3d mark 3 and i Liked the wings of fury demo. But i can't find the Game on gamespot or 3d gamer. were can i dind it? What are some cool airplane or jet fighter games. I like the ones were you can zoom out and see the palne. any ideas.
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  1. battlefield 1942 and expansions...

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  2. I haven't played them but, the IL-2 Sturmovik (sp?) series are supposed to be good.
  3. Battlefield 1942 is not the worlds best option for a good dogfighting game.

    Try IL2 Sturmovick for one of the best and most authentic WWII fighter experience. Be prepared for mostly crashing tho then once u learn to turn the plane without stalling then u gotta learn to dogfight which means u will spend another getting shot down or crashing yurself. Then maybe u might actually get around to shooting something down. Then get Pacific Fighters which is a stand alone but can be meshed in with IL2 and there is also another exp pack I can't think of. But pacific fighters I thinks adds early jets circa 1945 to the fight and my fave is the YP-80 which is a fantastic plane to fly in the game.

    After that there is no real decent modern day dogfighter given that modern day air warfare doesn't really involve dogfighting.

    Finally u could try MS Combat Flight simulators altho I haven't played em so I can't give an opinion on em.

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