Windows 7 Audio Device Problem

hello guys. i have a prob whenever i restart or shutdown my computer, my external audio interface gets disabled on startup. and i always gotta turn it on under device manager which is pretty tiring. how do i fix this?

i have already disabled the onboard soundcard. and i can't uninstall it cause windows automatically install the drivers for it. that's why disabling it is the only option.
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  1. You can disable your onboard sound in the BIOS. Hit F2 or DEL during boot and go through the menus.

    You would have to tell us what this "external sound" device is for anyone to help...
  2. hi. i have the Behringer UCA202 audio interface. i went to the bios but there was no option to disable the onboard sound.

    should i also disable the nvidia high definition in device manager?
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