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my mom goin to buy me notebook but what is the right CPU for it? Intel or AMD? I'm goin to use it for projects,assignment,research, net-surfing, :twisted: music, :twisted: watch movie, :twisted: lil games.. :wink:
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  1. Mobile computing: Intel Pentium M processors lead the way.

    AMD's line up use processors which use a bit more power, and still use DDR1 which also requires higher voltage to run.
  2. Depends on your budget, and on your priority for gaming...

    If looking for a laptop to work, and play a few basic games (leaving out Doom3, HL2, FEAR), there are nice Athlon 64/3500+ laptops by HP avail for sometimes right at $1000...; this one is a Toshiba with a Celeron-M, and does quite nicely at everything but high res gaming, but at 800x600x16, its even useable for the first COD game, old Quake3, etc.....

    If playing FEAR and/or Doom3 on a laptp is vitally important, and there will not be an accompanying desktop for gaming, best look at Alienware or Dell 17" laptops equipped with either 6800U/7800Go integrated video....but they quickly push $2700 and up...

    Which route you choose, is a matter of your conscience, and your mother's budget and generosity...
  3. I think go with Pentium M now. should i pick 1.3,15 or 1.7 Ghz is der a big diff in performance
  4. check if they are low voltage or regular voltage, then see if you want more processing power or more portiility (LV PMs last longer than reg PM, but it costs more and have lower processing power most of the time)
  5. Sure go for P-M since its power management is superior.
    If you play games, remember to use discrete video.

    I am using P-M 740 with 915GM to play NFS:MW, still lags with lowest details.
  6. The problem with laptops is that if you want to be able to do *modern* 3d games, it's gonna cost ya for one with decent video...

    A Celeron-M with enough mem is plenty for surfing, school homework, etc....
  7. how about AMD 2800+ ?
    if I go for P-M should i pick 1.5, 1.6, or 1.7 or higher but I'm on budget?
  8. Unless you are going for a high end laptop the speed of the processor should not be your main consideration. Any new system with a P-M or Turion will do just about anything you need. In my opinion the order of consideration should be:

    Battery life
    HD size 60 gig or more.
    Memory size and type with a minimum of 1gig available space.
    Brightness and resolution of the screen.
    Ease of use (keyboard, mouse)
    Features, (usb ports, wireless networking, upgradable video etc)
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