Which version of XP to use with AMD X64?

MS released their X64 versions of XP early last summer. I'm building a PC with AMD 64 3700+.

Should I load 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows XP?

Is the XP64 stable enough?
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  1. sorry thread starter i would like to hijack this thread a while and i think u might find this interesting too.

    will 32bit apps work on a 64bit windows? if they do, will 32bit apps face problems?

    cos i thought 64bit windows have some kind of 'emulator' to run 32bit apps?

    =] thanks in advance
  2. I run Windows XP Professional x64 Edition on my 3700+ as well as on my 3400+ Laptop, I have been running it on my Laptop for a few months and on my Desktop for a couple weeks. The only problems I found is obviously drivers, but my mobo's website (ASUS) has all my drivers for x64 and I haven't really personally run into any software problems, than again, I don't use a large variety of software other than Games, some 3D Modeling Programs, VC++ 6, some Converting and Office applications, and so far they all work fine.

    I have found a few games which will not work, I know there's probably a list somewhere, but the ones I can't get to work are: Area 51, Doom 3, Splinter Cell 3, and Fahrenheit. Unless you absolutely must play one of those games, I wouldn't necesarily shun against x64, I like it. As for stability question, it's a very stable OS, never had one BSOD, that's probably brought on by the fact that Windows XP Pro x64 is based off of Windows Server 2003.

    I'm sure there's alot of other problems with software, but Office apps (I use Office 12 Beta, Office 03 runs fine too) run fine and CD-DVD apps (DivX, Converting Apps, etc.) all work fine for me. I say if you must use XP 32-bit, just Dual-Boot with x64, you'll like it.

    sylvez: Windows has "Windows on Windows 64" in x64 edition that runs 32-bit Legacy applications, Windows 32-bit has WoW 32 for 16-bit applications. Only thing is Windows x64 doesn't run any 16-bit applications.
  3. Hello,

    The 64 bit WIndows has many driver issues as not many manf are willing to supoort 64 bit yet. 32 bit apps run a little slower. Not many 64 bit apps unless you are using $1000 server software.

    Better get 32bit XP Prof and/ or Vista.
  4. "32 bit apps run a little slower"

    Umm..No? I run x64 and all my 32-bit are either same or faster, nothing is slower.

    'Not many 64-bit apps"

    Far Cry x64
    Half Life 2 x64
    SiSoftware Sandra x64
    Daemon x64
    Fantom x64
    UltraIso x64
    as well as nearly 95% of all 32-bit applications work under Windows x64.
  5. Hello,

    32 bit apps do run the same or little slower. Aka, meaning you might mistaken as the same.

    Read the reviews, but of course every user has their own attachment to assumptions and the realistic stats.
  6. Quote:

    32 bit apps do run the same or little slower. Aka, meaning you might mistaken as the same.

    Read the reviews, but of course every user has their own attachment to assumptions and the realistic stats.

    Wow. I sit here, tell you "I've been PHYSICALLY running it", and you say "Read Reviews"? I don't need stupid reviews to tell me what I already know, please sir, get an IQ, Wal-Mart has a discount.
  7. Sounds like I should stick with standard XP untl there is more 64-bit apps out there.

    Thanks for all of the responses.
  8. Quote:
    Wow. I sit here, tell you "I've been PHYSICALLY running it", and you say "Read Reviews"? I don't need stupid reviews to tell me what I already know, please sir, get an IQ, Wal-Mart has a discount.

    Uhhh no offense, but how on earth would you know if ur 32bit apps ran slower? The only way you could possibly know that is if you had an identical machine running WinXP 32bit next to your current machine w/ WinXP 64. Even then you wouldn't be able to see the difference. So the "I've been PHYSICALLY running it" excuse just doesn't hold water.

    The only right way to tell is through benchmarking. So maybe he doesn't need to get an "IQ"

    I spent about 15 minutes on google trying to find a site that compared 32 bit application performance in WinXP 64 bit to 32 bit application performance in WinXP 32bit. I couldn't find anything. It appears that no one really cares.

    If you find something, please share it with me. I'm interested in knowing the answer myself.

  9. well... im not entirely sure about exactly how much speed improvement there is running non-gaming 32bit apps under winXP x64 (though the OS is more responsive and stable overall)... but i did look, and found a review of gaming performance between x86 and x64 winXP on http://www.hardocp.com , and it looks as if there is no speed improvement in that area, with some games not running at all... so for gaming, i would stick with the x86 version of winXP for right now, but for most other things, i would make the move up to the x64 version (the x64 version is the one i mainly use for everything, and when i want to play a newer, more recent game, i boot into the x86 version)

    heres a link to the review:

  10. The some games not working at all is both true and false at the same time. Some games, like Silent Hunter III, can be made to run on Windows x64. One of my friends has done this by installing the game and installing a no CD hack, which gets around not having the StarForce drivers install. I would try it, but I am not so convinced of the legality.

    Other games, like CoD:UO don't need hacks to install. The original CoD installs fine, but the expansion doesn't. So you install the latest patch, then you have to manually copy the files from the CD to the CoD folder.

    I'm sure there are some games, hacks or no hacks, workarounds or no workarounds, that will not run at all. I haven't encountered any yet, but I'm sure a ton of old games will not run.

    As far as speed in games, according to the benchmarks I've seen, the difference between 64 bit and 32 bit is small. Half Life 2 x64, I've heard, loads faster (but otherwise performance is similar).

    Drivers have been slightly annoying for me, as I've had to trade in my wireless for ethernet cables. I'm sure some addon cards (such as sound cards) can be a pain to find drivers for. Don't know, as I'm running on integrated sound.
  11. Yes, there are plenty of reviews comparing 64 bit games/apps to 32 bit games/apps.

    What I want to see is how well 32 bit apps run on WinXP x64 edition. Are they slower than WinXP Pro 32 bit? Faster?

    That's what I'm trying to find...

  12. Coolbreeze, you're a dick!

    I found some synthetic benchs comparing the two and a lot of games but that's about it:


    Not that I have a 64-bit CPU but I know I don't have drivers for my Epson scanner yet. Their response was "we're working on it".
  13. I have been running xp x64 since the day it came out and it works great. The only thing i have had to do was go to manuf. website to get the 64 drivers which i had no trouble getting. So long as your part are from mainstream Manuf. you shouldnt have any problem. Now most programs will run 32 bit in the 64 bit system but a couple don't. For Daemon Tools you need the new 64 bit version which was released in November. and WinRAR loses it ability to right click and extract, you actually open the rar file and extract it at the WinRAR window. But as far as stability goes i find it more stable than the 32-bit windows is. and it is much faster searching for and connecting to other computers on the network when you want to transfer files or stream video. Only problem with any game i have had is that x64 uses 2 Program files directories one labeled the standard Program files which is used for 64 bit appplications and the other Program Files (x86) which hold the 32 applications. some games or programs i suppose don't like the brackets in the name so it you just remove the brackets after loading window, then install programs you shouldn't run into any other problems
  14. I'm gonna respond with just this. Jesse, stfu, ur a jew. Thank you.
  15. Quote:
    MS released their X64 versions of XP early last summer. I'm building a PC with AMD 64 3700+.

    Should I load 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows XP?

    Is the XP64 stable enough?

    Look, running either the 32bits or the 64 bits will make no real difference in your life. But what might would be... not having printer or scanner drivers so no printing or scanning with your computer. or no capture drivers... or no sound drivers...

    So, look at all the devices you hav and need drivers and look for them with 64 bits support. But remember.. no driver, no joy.

    I've been there..
  16. I have been running x64 for about 5 months now. I am completely happy with it. The ONLY drivers I had a problem with was for my Hauppauge TV card. Hauppauge keeps telling their customers that they aren't supporting x64. Thanks to the open source community, however, I have it working with 3rd. party stuff. My logitech camera doesn't have drivers for it *YET*... but logictech says they will be releasing them soon.

    I will most likely never go back to Intel unless they actually put something out there that can compete with AMD...
  17. well, i looked for alittlebit, and found a slightly outdated review from a year ago, comparing x86 to x64 performance for some applications... the performance running 32bit apps under both OS' is virtually identical, im sure some more performance optimizations have been made since then running under the WOW64 emulator, but this is one that ive found

  18. any one know anything about support for older 16bit apps? i'm pretty sure that transport tycoon delux (and thew orginial) is 16 bit cuz they were orginially dos (later converted to windows 95, then a nice commmunity for xp...)?

    anyone have transport tycoon delux running on their 64 bit OS?
  19. To reply to the original poster fedude, I had Windows XP x64 installed for a few weeks, but switched back because of poor antivirus and firewall support. I've been using Symantec's Norton Internet Security for a few years now and have gotten comfortable with it, but unfortunately, it does not allow installation in a 64-bit environment. Only Norton Corporate Antivirus 10 supports a 64-bit environment. There are other 64-bit antivirus solutions, but I have never used them before.

    Do not use the nVidia Firewall, I tried it during the period i had Win x64 and found it to be buggy. You can google search and find some forums that talk about memory leaks when using the nVidia Firewall.

    I plan to return to the x64 environment once better antivirus support is available. Good luck.

    As you may have noticed, I joined Forumz to respond to this post :)
  20. I Also Run Windows XP x64 Edition On My System All My Componenst Have 64-Bit Drivers And More And More Are Being Released Nvidia's Website Has The Drivers For x64 And I Haven't Run Into Any Software Problems

    I Have Found Only One Game That Does Not Install And it's Perfectly Stable OS, Never Had One Problem
  21. I run both Windows Xp Pro and Windows Xp Pro 64. Just so if There a problem on one I can try on the other OS. But Windows 64 great. I just have a few drivers not working with it.

    Have any of you gone to BestBuy and go to the Geek Squad and ask them about Windows Pro 64. You get answers like that not even out man. Then Boot up my laptop and go Um See it says windows 64. Or Ask them Do you have any books On Windows Pro 64. There like Huh. Wait untel there a Line. It really make them Look Bad.
  22. I've heard that 16 bit apps will no longer run on x64. I've never tried it, but just for kicks, lemme go bust out some really old games.
  23. Tried x64, and reverted back to x86 after about 5 months of trying it out. MANY software and driver problems. Could not install my wifi PCI card (there may be drivers for it online but I needed it to get online!). If you still use 16 bit DOS apps, they dont work. Many of the older InstallShields will not run (maybe theyre 16 bit?). I did find however that x64 was more stable than x86... most of the time, its driver issues can cause lockups. It may be a fun idea, but its just a headache really... I think all it was is a 64 bit .NET 2003 core with XP skins and features, that might be why they claim it to be more stable. ALSO you need a server anti virus if you are to pick up 64 bit virus' that are spread among servers.
  24. this might sound like an pointless observation i guess, seeing as how you mightve already tried it, but it didnt work for some reason, but i was just gonna say you couldve used a physical network connection to your wireless modem / router, temporarily, using your onboard LAN port (i can definetly understand that not working if the motherboard CD or winXPx64 didnt come with any 64 bit driver support for your 10/100 connection... or if you didnt have a physical LAN port in your tower), but so you could download the necessary drivers, and other needed software... sorry the OS didnt work out for you though... but ummm, i found another performance comparison of some non gaming apps, comparing 32bit apps running on both x86 and x64 OS', that THG did a few months back

  25. Keep XP 32-bit until Windows Vista comes out. Thats what most people with x64-bit chips are doing.
  26. I'll have to agree with the masses, there simply isnt enough support for 64bit OS's yet.

    and there most likely wont be until the release of vista, if that ever happens.
  27. I have 2 64bit AMD PCs running 64bitXP..

    Some companies aren't up to speed on drivers (ie:wireless).

    Everything else runs great.

    Avast! has a free 64 bit virus scanner that seems to run fine.
  28. i wouldve used a cable if it was possible; however, at the time i was at a hotel trying link up with their internet service. then once i moved in with my girlfriend i HAD to go wireless because my PC is accross the apt. from the router.
  29. I think I'll stick with vanilla XP Pro until Vista SP1 comes out.

    Thanks for all your help!
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